Vegas ‘Mile High Club’ Airline Slammed As ‘Unethical’

"This is why the human race will eventually [sic] parish."

Vegas ‘Mile High Club’ Airline Slammed As ‘Unethical’

Image: @danbilzerian in his own private kind of love cloud, before Love Cloud existed...

In a move that has been described by furious social media users as “the height of Rome,” “completely stupid” and “a flying rent by the hour motel” an enterprising new business has opened in Vegas, offering couples the chance to pay to join the mile high club.

For $995, the Las Vegas-based airline charter business will take you and your partner for a 45-minute flight above Sin City, in a private jet with a twin mattress and several pillows and much red satin.

A curtain will separate you from the pilot, who wears noise-cancelling headphones and doesn’t leave the cockpit during the flight. The plane and bedding are cleaned after each flight.

There is also a 60-minute Mile High Club flight for $1,095 and a 90-minute ride for $1,495.

Oh, and if you want to go full Vegas, the company, which is called Love Cloud, also offers inflight weddings for $1,195. Other add ons include a romantic one-course meal (for $100) and opting for the three-course option will set you back $1,595.

Images via @love_cloud_vegas

Its founder, Andy Johnson, who is a pilot, told the New York Times it could even be a relationship saver: “You come with a smile on your face, and you leave with a bigger smile on your face.” 

“We help keep people from divorcing, I’ll tell you that right now.”

Andy Johnson

Love Cloud also accommodates groups of up to 4, with a fee of $200 per extra person (beyond the couple).

Common concerns on social media about the business range from environmental (“what about the emissions”) to the sexual (“45 minutes?!? What else am I supposed to do with the 44 remaining ones”). Others expressed suspicions over whether the pilot’s headphones would really be soundproof.

Video: Sneak Peek Inside The ‘Love Cloud’ Jet

Others say it defeats the original premise of joining the mile high club – the excitement of not getting caught. Despite this, some couples (admittedly, ones featured the Love Cloud Instagram page, which are bound to be positive) say it was “the best sex they ever had.”

What was particularly slammed in the comments of the New York Times’ heralding of the news on Instagram was the environmental impact of Love Cloud, with comments like: “This is why the human race will eventually [sic] parish in their own climate made disaster” and “Hey I’ve decided to show you my love in the most polluting and unethical way ever and no it’s not even a diamond” rolling in.

Love Cloud currently has 8,974 followers on Instagram and describes itself as a romantic suite in the sky.

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