‘Mile High Tattoo Club’: Passenger Caught Doing The Unthinkable During Landing

Either this is a hoax, or this is absolutely outrageous...

‘Mile High Tattoo Club’: Passenger Caught Doing The Unthinkable During Landing

Image Credit: Point Me To The Plane

A video of a passenger on what is speculated to be a Southwest, Alaska or Spirit Airlines flight has caused uproar on Instagram. That video? Footage has emerged of a man appearing to give himself a tattoo, with a cordless tattoo gun, mid-flight.

How very Spirit Airlines, many thought, commenting as much underneath the video of the act (see: “Spirit Airlines checking in” and “This must be on a Spirit flight”).

Another user, underneath Passenger Shaming’s reposting of the video, said they were concerned not just about the risk the passenger was posing to himself, but to the hygiene of the plane.

“I’m just thinking of the tiny blood microspatters all over that tray,” they wrote.

“Dude isn’t even wearing gloves!”

Watch the man (allegedly) giving himself a tattoo on a plane in the video below.

Another user commented: “Oooooof. Hepatitis Highway.”

“I’m constantly going to wonder what in AF happened in the seat before me now.”

Others had even bigger questions, like: “Would that be considered as a weapon?” and “How did they manage to get the tattoo’s equipment inside of it?”

Others were even stronger in their condemnation. One wrote: “Some people need to just stay home.” Another said: “I wish ppl would just go to sleep and shut up on flights.”

Even more succinctly, one wrote: “I hate it.”

It didn’t end there. Over on Instagram account @suckytattoos (where the video originated), some choice comments included: “Can’t wait to catch a blood disease next time I fly spirit,” and“Mile high tattoo club.”

“What in the hep C is this,” asked another.

Tattoo artist @girlknewyork Mira Mariah admitted she had thought about doing a similar thing, commenting: “As soon as I got the new cordless I thought to myself ‘u can tattoo on jets now’.”

Another tattoo artist was less impressed, writing: “and now probably he f***s it up for all of us to have tattoo machine in our hand luggage.”

There you have it – certainly not something you see every day. This even rivals the time a passenger decided to do a spot of yoga mid flight.