Unbelievable Jetstar Experience Leaves Australian Influencer Astounded

Thongs are ok, but crop tops aren't?

Unbelievable Jetstar Experience Leaves Australian Influencer Astounded

A Jetstar flight attendant has been accused of abusing his power, after allegedly shaming Love Island star Amelia Marni for wearing a crop top on a flight, despite the airline “not having any policy regarding crop tops.”

Australian influencer Amelia Marni has accused a Jetstar flight attendant of shaming her for wearing a crop top. She took to Instagram, writing, “We love a slut shame moment… A male flight attendant just told me to cover up and my clothing was too revealing. I can’t wear this and it’s too inappropriate to wear on Jetstar [laughing face emoji].”

“NEVER heard of this….”

Amelia Marni

“Babe crop tops is my BRANDDDDD xoxoxooo.”

She also shared screenshots of Jetstar’s clothing policy, from a page entitled “What To Wear On Your Flight” which reads: “You don’t have to dress to impress when you fly with Jetstar, but there are minimum dress requirements. For your safety, all adults and children who are capable of walking must wear footwear (thongs are acceptable) during boarding and disembarking.”

Over the top of this she wrote: “Deadset confused.” Given Jetstar is known for having a pretty relaxed dress code, we’re pretty confused too.

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Amelia also shared another screenshot of Jetstar’s offensive clothing policy, which advised passengers against wearing any clothing or carrying personal items that display words, images, symbols or slogans that “may reasonably be defined as offensive.”

Over the top of this Amelia wrote: “Literally the only thing I could find…. Love a man abusing his authority xoxoxo.”

Image Credit: @ameliamarni

She later shared an update on her Instagram Story explaining that a female flight attendant said her outfit was fine.

“He came over again and said, ‘You need to cover up.’ And then I was like to the [female flight attendant], ‘Wait — is this not allowed, like I have the tiniest bit of tummy [showing]?'”

“And she goes, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine’. And I was like, ‘thought so’. And then he didn’t say sorry!”

Amelia Marni

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In a statement, Jetstar gave an apology of sorts to Yahoo Lifestyle“While we do have basic dress requirements on our flights (ie. shoes), we do not have any policy regarding crop tops.”

“Our team will reach out to Amelia and to our crew member to understand what’s taken place, and we apologise if there’s been any misunderstanding of our policy.”