American Loses 100kg After One Life-Changing Event Turned Everything Around

God's plan.

American Loses 100kg After One Life-Changing Event Turned Everything Around

This is the story of one Redditor’s body transformation and the moment of divine inspiration that turned everything around.

We’ve covered a shedload of weight loss journeys here at DMARGE — from Daniel Radcliffe getting ripped to the ‘World’s Fattest Man’ turning everything around, we’ve reported on them all. None, however, have ever involved the kind of intervention that this Redditor claims to have inspired his transformation.

The man — who goes by u/blevdad on the platform — started his fitness journey determined to overcome his past. This is his story in his own words, which he hopes will serve to inspire others.

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As with so many people who struggle with their weight, the man’s journey begins in his childhood. He revealed that he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic at the age of 8 and by the time he turned 11 his weight had already reached a staggering 250lbs (113kg). The situation worsened over the years, and he eventually hit his peak weight at an astonishing 402lbs (182kg).

The Turning Point

However, the most significant turning point in his journey and, he claims, his life came during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Feeling overwhelmed by rejection, fear of medical appointments, and the inability to wear the clothes he desired, he made a desperate attempt to end his life in March 2020. Fortunately, fate had different plans for him…

In his darkest moment, he experienced what he describes as a divine intervention:

“I attempted suicide, and then the next day it was like God whispered in my ear, ‘it’s your time to shine.’ And that’s when it all started.”


The Journey Begins

He began his transformation by adopting a rigorous but arguably very restrictive routine of eating only once a day and walking laps in his backyard. Over time, he began to incorporate basic bodyweight exercises into his regimen. During this challenging phase, he also noticed a job opening at Planet Fitness. he applied for the position and the General Manager, inspired by his determination to change his life, hired him on the spot.

Planet Fitness often gets a bad rep, but it changed this man’s life for good. Image: Fitt Insider

This turned out to be a pivotal moment in his journey: once he started working at Planet Fitness, he began walking one mile on the treadmill daily. It wasn’t until 18 months into his journey that he incorporated weightlifting into his routine, though he had continued to experiment with various cardio machines, from the elliptical to the Stairmaster.

An Inspiration

As he continued his transformation, the man faced new challenges. By 2021, he had lost a significant amount of weight, but concerns about his health arose. He began to pass out due to insufficient calorie intake, and his obsession with the scale’s number led to a binge eating disorder.

However, after confronting this new obstacle and reorienting his relationship with food, he now boasts an exemplary approach: he follows a rigorous fitness regimen, including daily cardio and weightlifting sessions five to six days a week. His dedication to health is also reflected in his diet, consuming the recommended 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight.

In addition to his personal journey, the man has had a positive impact on his community. Working at Planet Fitness, he played a crucial role in helping around 50 members lose over 50lbs (23kg) each, and his rapidly growing social media presence has allowed him to inspire others there too. Here is a final quote from the man himself:

“I started my fitness journey in 2020 just a kid with a dream. I didn’t expect to go this far. I underestimated myself. Which is what 99% of the population does. You are capable of anything in life.”


To anyone struggling with their weight, take his advice and run with it… no pun intended.