American Man Creates ‘Mile High Divorce Club’ After Serving Wife Papers Mid-Flight

How not to start a holiday.

American Man Creates ‘Mile High Divorce Club’ After Serving Wife Papers Mid-Flight

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A former American Airlines flight attendant has shared a rather unusual tale that took place at 30,000 feet above the Atlantic…

We’ve reported on many of the infamous ‘Mile High Club’s variations — including the viral birthday Brit who got caught in the act to the American doctor who joined the ‘One Man Mile High Club‘ — but something we’ve never seen before is the ‘Mile High Divorce Club’.

Involving a rocky marriage, a long-haul flight, and an unexpected twist, the tale was reported to Travel Awaits by former flight attendant Kentrell Charles. Unfolding during a transatlantic flight from the United States to London, passengers were happily settling in for a lengthy journey. Among them was a seemingly ordinary couple, sitting side by side…

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According to Kentrell Charles, the husband had meticulously planned what he referred to as a ‘vacation’ with his wife. Little did she know that this apparent ‘vacation’ would soon become a solo adventure of unexpected and intense self-discovery: A few hours before landing, the husband pulled off a move that no one saw coming: he suddenly handed his wife divorce papers right there in their seats.

This unexpected turn of events somewhat understandably sent the wife into a state of hysteria. The cabin, once filled with little more than the usual hum of the plane’s engine and low-level yellow light was suddenly abuzz with whispers and gasps from their fellow passengers.

When questioned about his rather unconventional approach to ending the marriage, the husband claimed that serving the divorce papers mid-flight was the only way to ensure that his wife couldn’t somehow evade or deny the divorce that, apparently, had been coming for some time. She had no choice but to face the harsh, humiliating reality of the situation.

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The hours that followed were unsurprisingly tense as the couple shared an immensely awkward silence, knowing that their relationship had irrevocably changed. Once the plane touched down in London, the husband swiftly made his way through customs, eager to catch the next available flight back to the United States…

As for the wife, her next steps remain a mystery. Did she continue with the ‘vacation’ as originally planned, or did she, too, decide to return home? Kentrell Charles, described the event as follows, and claimed to be grateful that he only had to endure one such incident in his long career:

“A sad and strange event.”

Kentrell Charles

While flights and vacations are often the points of departure for wonderful memories with your nearest and dearest, this particular journey proved that life’s unexpected twists can happen at any altitude. For all that were forced to witness the formation of the ‘Mile High Divorce Club,’ it was a flight that none of those on board will soon forget.