Ashton Kutcher Surprisingly Reveals How He Fought-Off Hair-Loss

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Ashton Kutcher Surprisingly Reveals How He Fought-Off Hair-Loss

“With looks like these, who needs hair?” said no-one ever. Yes: some guys look good bald. But they would look even better with a prince charming mop. Even Ashton Kutcher, one of the world’s most well endowed men in the… face… department, revealed on Monday (on a talk show) that he took medication to prevent hair-loss.

“I noticed it was starting to go, and so I went and met the hair guy doctor and he put me on this medication called Avodart,” he told Conan O’Brien. “Your body produces testosterone. The byproduct of testosterone actually causes follicles to get weaker and fall out, so you take this stuff and it washes away the byproduct of testosterone. But, we don’t know what else might be used for that could be good in the body.”

The 40-year-old actor, who started his career as a model, has been experiencing hair loss since the age of 25, and has a (slight) receding hairline because of it. However, when he married Mila Kunis in 2015, their decision to start a family prompted him to get off the medication, as he wasn’t sure what side effects it might have.

“So, I stopped taking the stuff about three years ago, and now I’m experiencing the hair loss. It’s starting to go. I’m a baseball cap guy, so I think I’m OK. I’ve established myself as a baseball cap wearing individual.”

So there you have it: take meds or buy a cap. Just for the love of god—avoid the toupee.

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