Aston Martin Debuts The AM37 Powerboat At The Monaco Yacht Show

Aston Martin

Aston Martin aren’t holding anything back with the arrival of the DB11, the announcement of the Red Bull hyper car and now the latest toy in their arsenal, the AM37 luxury powerboat.

The 37-foot luxury water craft made its debut at the recent Monaco Yacht Show and was developed in collaboration with Mulder Design and Quintessence Yachts to conquer the seas in style. Keen wave punters will have the option of three variants, one with a 370hp Mercury diesel engine, another with a 450hp petrol and the AM37S, which pushes power out to a wild 520hp.

Besides the power figures, the AM37 takes no shortcuts in ensuring it follows the strict design code of the famed British marque. The same flowing lines adorn the hull whilst the top deck is layered with exquisite wood which perfectly encapsulates a double-curved, single-piece glass windshield.

But wait there’s more, Mr. Bond.

The AM37 is more than equipped to combat the glaring sun with a powered carbon fibre bimini top. That means none of the lavish interior will have to withstand the sun’s harsh rays, leaving the carbon dash, premium leather and polished controls in tip-top condition.

The powerboat is good for up to eight of your most prized friends and includes full air-conditioning, mood lighting, an on-board microwave, fridge, coffee machine, a foldout bed and a bathroom.

Q definitely went all out on this one. Unfortunately he didn’t release a pricetag. Given that it debuted at Monaco though, you can expect that its potential buyers see money as no object.