The Worst Aspects Of Aussie Culture, According To Reddit

Some Australian cultural norms are like a dog's breakfast...

The Worst Aspects Of Aussie Culture, According To Reddit

Many argue that Australia doesn’t really have a culture of its own. We’d argue that it does; just some aspects of Australian culture overlap with other countries’ cultures (namely the UK and America).

Of course, some aspects of Aussie culture are great. We’ve got incredible (but admittedly weird) food – Vegemite, Tim Tams, Sausage Sizzles, Fairy Bread, I really could go on – and a very laidback outlook on life.

But a recent Reddit thread has highlighted quite a few shocking aspects of our culture that are actually quite eye-opening. The thread simply asked Reddit users what they thought the worst aspects of Australian culture were and the two most common answers were ‘gambling’ and binge drinking.

“I’d say the gambling and binge drinking.”


Of course, those who pointed to gambling aren’t wrong. According to In The Black, Australians lose AU$24.9 billion to gambling per year and are some of the heaviest gamblers in the world.

A staggering 170,000 Aussies suffer from a gambling addiction – which can cause serious financial and social problems as well as psychological and physical health issues. Similarly, binge drinking can be extremely harmful to one’s health and yet, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that from 2020 to 2021, one in four Australian adults exceeded the Australian Adult Alcohol Guideline.

Gambling and binge drinking were the most common responses to ‘what are the worst aspects of Australian culture?’ Image Credit: Getty Images

“I’m so tired of my binge drinking problem just being regarded by my friends as ‘normal for my age’. I don’t think it is and I wish they would respect my decision to stop drinking.”


But there are other issues too. One Reddit user wrote, “The ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude permeates through our culture to such an insane degree that if we see anyone looking to complain or campaign for change that we’ll inadvertently call them whingers.”

Another user pointed out that Australians need to stop being so “obsessed” with buying houses.

“Our fetish for buying houses. We are obsessed with it, all people talk about is when are they going to buy a house. ​​People that don’t have one drive themselves into misery wishing they have what someone else has and lamenting they are ‘behind’, expecting that if they do buy a house they will suddenly be the happiest person in the world.”


Of course, every country in the world has both good and bad cultural aspects. We all have to learn to be better. Speaking of learning, – and on a lighter note – the funniest comment goes to Reddit user WillyWompas, who wrote, “As an American, this thread makes me sad. (Obi-Wan voice) You were supposed to learn from our idiocy, not join it!” Indeed.

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