Aviation Aftermarket Could Be The Cheapest Way To Experience First Class

Seat yourself.

The travel industry recently found itself hurtling down the world’s steepest street. But even as the road flattens out, it’s still going to be a long time – and a hard slog upwards – until we find ourselves back in the clouds.

Suffice to say, it will likely be a while before you fly business or first class. However, if you’re privy to the following internet goldmine, which DMARGE recently discovered, you might still be able to get your pointy end kicks – without even leaving the house.

That goldmine? The world of airplane seat auctions. That’s right: there are websites out there dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of seats stripped from retired jets – also known as the airline aftermarket.

Foremost among them are aviationgate.com and aviAUCTION (think: Gumtree but for plane seats) as well as Skyart.com, a global supplier of aviation-themed designer furniture.

Salivating? Here are a few of our favourites.

SkyLine Full Flat Electronic First Class Seat – Double Fabric

Seat yourself.

One of SkyArt® Collection’s most comfortable seating products, the SkyLine First Class Aircraft Passenger Seat is manufactured by Sicma, an Italian aircraft furniture company, for Airbus 310 and 340 range as Business and First Class seating solutions. The back rest and the leg support are controlled electronically for ease of use.

SkyLine Recaro Electronic First Class Seat – Single

No TV buddy? No worries.

SkyLine First Class Aircraft Passenger Seat is another one of SkyArt® Collection’s most comfortable seating products.

Manufactured by Recaro, the world-famous German seat manufacturer, for Airbus 320 aircraft, this first class seat’s back rest and the leg support are controlled electronically for ease of use. Just for good measure, there is also a motor-driven inflatable lower back cushion.

The parts used in SkyArt designs are genuine aircraft parts with millions of miles of history, which makes each one of their products unique. As SkyArt.com explains: “Many aircraft have come back to life in our designs.”

B777 B/E Aerospace First Class Suites

New living room, who dis?

Heading over to aviAUCTION, one has the B777 B/E Aerospace First Class Suites which, at the time of writing, are set at $104,000.

You have a little under two weeks to bid on these suites which, according to luxury travel experts (aviAUCTION claims) are part of the top ten best first class suites in the sky.

As for their condition, the site claims they are well maintained and “as removed.”

Airbus A330/A340 Solar Eclipse

This could either be the best or worst purchase of your life…

Finally, we’ve got aviationgate.com’s Airbus A330/A340 Solar Eclipse first-class seat, manufactured by Contour, in factory new condition (made in 2007) and located in Germany. Though you have to request a quote to learn the price (for the seat and for delivery), we’d imagine, being factory new, they’d cost more than the aforementioned Aerospace Suite.

Score yourself one of these, whack in some purple mood lighting (the Philips Hue, to be precise) and bung a few specialist airplane window stickers on the wall and you’ve got yourself a (home) pointy end party. All that remains is for your partner to don his/her flight attendant’s outfit and cook you a Michelin worthy meal.

Tempted? A Brave New Lounge awaits.

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