Balding Redditor’s Insane Glow-Up Will Make You Want To Shave Your Head

Taking the plunge on behalf of balding men everywhere, this man's new look should be an inspiration for those with thinning hairlines.

Balding Redditor’s Insane Glow-Up Will Make You Want To Shave Your Head

Image: Reddit/DMARGE

Hair loss has always been a major concern for many men, with the question of what hairstyle you should adopt as your hairline slowly and inevitably recedes and then, when you can’t fight the tide any longer, whether it’s time to simply say ‘f*ck it’ and shave the lot.

This week a Redditor — who goes by the username u/donswolo — posted to the site’s dedicated subreddit for balding blokes and showed the community that he had finally decided to ‘give up’ and call it quits, shaving both the hair on the top of his head but also an impressive moustache and beard he had developed alongside his long-if-thinning locks.

Bucking the trend that ginger men are far more prone to hair loss than other hair colours, this dark-haired poster’s bold move revealed a handsome face and fresh look that we think should inspire balding men everywhere; if you were thinking about shaving it off, this is your sign to do it. (If, however, you’re still committed to making it work, we recommend Fortero Shampoo.)

I gave in today.
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Aussie Balding Laid Bare

This is an issue close to our hearts here at DMARGE, given that according to fact sheets published by the Australian Government Department of Health, significant balding affects about one in five Australian men by the time they hit their 20s, about one in three men in their 30s and nearly half of all men in their 40s. That’s significantly higher than most countries on Earth.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that hair care has become one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, with revenue predicted to amount to $1.44 billion in 2023 and market growth expected annually by 1.56%, according to Statista – with much of that growth being fuelled by Aussie men desperate to keep their locks.

But why does Australia have the highest percentage of balding men in the world? We spoke to Dr. Gaunchen Sun, Research and Development Director at Australian biotech company Biogency, who explains that it’s got to do with Australia’s high UV levels.

Turns out Australia’s high UV levels not only affect our high rates of skin cancer but also our high rates of male hair loss. Image: Getty

“UV light produces a lot of reactive oxygen species which not only damage the grown hair but also the hair follicles on the scalp,” Dr. Sun explains. “Seeing as our UV is so high, especially in summer, this can have detrimental effects on the quality of our hair (texture/colour) as well as hair loss.”

“Australia experiences some of the highest UV in the world being so close to the equator and coupled with clearer skies, the comparison is quite vast: in summer, the UK has a UV Index of 6–8, while Australia has a UV Index of 10–14… [Our] strong climate is definitely a factor that increases hair loss.”

Dr. Gaunchen Sun

Our diet also plays a significant factor when it comes to preventing (or accelerating) hair loss, Dr. Sun relates.

“In conjunction with taking supplements, we need to consume foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as fish and nuts. Sufficient protein is also important for maintaining hair volume: eggs, seafood and lean meat are good choices and green vegetables and fruits with antioxidants can help also fight reactive oxygen species to protect hair.”