Men’s Hairstyles

No longer does a man need to be confined to just having a short back and sides haircut. The modern man now has free reign to use a hairdryer if he needs to get his hair looking a particular way – it's the perfect tool for the pompadour or quiff haircut, for example.

Men are getting more and more creative with their hairstyles, and there are now plenty of stylish options regardless of whether you have short, mid-length or long hair, or even if your hair is thinning out, or you have a larger than average forehead.

No matter your hair type or face shape, we've got the hairstyle guide for you. Check them all out and get yourself a stylish, new and DMARGE-approved look.

20 Popular Beard Styles For Men

20 Popular Beard Styles For Men

Growing a beard is the top of the pyramid for male rites of passage. Here are the coolest beard styles that will man you up instantly.

September 1, 2022