100 Best Men’s Haircuts Explained & Ranked

Male haircuts worth talking about.

100 Best Men’s Haircuts Explained & Ranked

Image: DMARGE/Getty

We’re already seeing a wave of popular men’s haircuts atop the heads of some of the most stylish guys around, with everything from popular medium-length hairstyles to hairstyles for men with long hair and of course, the usual array of wild undercut haircuts, skin fades and eshay approved taper fade haircuts.

While everyday short haircuts remain the most popular hair trend, medium and long hairstyles are starting to pick up fast. Although most of these trendy hairstyles are not really new, they continue to offer an endless styling variation that makes them remain fresh and fashionable.

From classic hairstyles like the buzz cut, pompadour, and comb-over, to modern haircuts like the quiff, faux hawks, and fringe, these are some of the most popular men’s haircuts currently doing the rounds.

How To Choose The Right Haircut For A Man’s Head

Nailing a new haircut can be a bit of a challenge, especially for men. It is much more than going to the barber and saying, “Make me look like Brad Pitt!” Here’s the thing: Your hair type (and length), face shape, and lifestyle are some of the factors that you need to consider when picking a hairstyle.

A great haircut should complement your face shape by enhancing your best features and minimising the less desirable ones. For example, if you have a big forehead, you want a hairstyle with a fringe that can either hide the forehead or make it less prominent. On the other hand, a guy with dark hair and blue eyes will benefit from a very tight haircut that makes the eyes pop.

To make things easier:

  1. Check online haircut galleries or celebrity pictures to pick the hairstyle you want.
  2. Make sure that the star or model has the same facial features and hair type as you.
  3. Print the image or save it on your phone and show it to your barber on your next visit.

But, even as you pick a haircut that works for your facial features and hair, you should also bring your profession into consideration. While the traditional workplace rules are more relaxed nowadays, you still don’t want to cross over the line.

Think of the image you want to portray to your clients, especially if you work in a conservative environment. However, if your work environment is more creative, you’re free to do as you please.

So, what men’s haircuts and hairstyles are proving popular right now? Check out the below styles for inspiration for your new look.

1. French Crop Haircut

A man - Michael Bibi - with a French crop haircut.
The French Crop has recently been made famous by UK DJ Michael Bibi

Stylish and timeless, the French crop haircut has managed to hold its position as one of the most popular haircuts for men. Featuring a cropped fringe and a prime candidate for pairing with a range of fade hairstyles, this style offers an excellent option for guys who want to look elegant but don’t have the time to commit to hairstyling and maintenance. The French crop haircut has become such a popular haircut for men due to its versatility, as it can work for virtually everyone, regardless of face shape.

It is also a men’s hairstyle that can work with a variety of hair types, including thick hair and curly hair – it can look the absolute business with wavy hair – and while the French crop haircut will work without any product or styling applied, you can work in a matte paste or some wax to give it a little bit of movement.

2. Quiff Haircut

A man with a quiff haircut.

Probably the most fashionable and sleek hairstyle choice for the style-savvy guy, the quiff haircut requires extra length for the hair on top, combined with a fade haircut on the sides and back of the head. The only challenge with this hairstyle comes with styling, which can require a little more time and patience. That’s not to say it needs to look super preened and proper, as the quiff haircut benefits from looking a little messy, but you will still need to spend some time in front of the mirror to achieve the desired look.

The quiff haircut for men is one that can work for both thin hair and thick hair, but guys in the latter camp may find they need to spare a little more time in the morning to get the styling right. So if you’re the guy with time on your hands, you’ll need a hairdryer and some styling products, such as pomade, wax, putty, or mousse. However, if you have curly hair or wavy hair, you’ll soon realise the natural volume provided can make working it into a quiff hairstyle a walk in the park.

First, use your hairdryer to dry and provide some basic shape to the quiff, using a brush if you need help getting some height. Next, work some styling paste or wax into your hands and run them through the hair to help lock the quiff in place. Finally, finish with a light spray of hairspray to ensure your quiff holds its shape all day long.

3. Pompadour Haircut

David Beckham with a men's Pompadour haircut.
The popadour haircut has been one of David Beckham’s go-to hairstyles for decades.

With traditionally short sides and plenty of hair on top, the pompadour haircut is the quiff’s sleeker yet more voluminous cousin – and a favourite of David Beckham. However, the large volume of hair at the top (the pomp) makes it unique. Versatile and fashionable, the pompadour haircut for men can come in many forms, and can be paired with a range of fade haircut styles and various lengths of hair on top.

And, despite the images you may see of David Beckham rocking a faultless pompadour haircut with straight hair, the pompadour is a men’s haircut that can be enjoyed by guys with curly hair or wavy hair too. The end result will differ, of course, but curly hair can still be tamed into a high, voluminous hairstyle.

To style your pomp, you will need to apply your wax or pomade on damp hair, then comb all your hair back, gradually setting some volume at the top. Once you have your pomp, use a hairdryer it to keep it in shape and finish off with some hairspray.

4. Faux Hawk Haircut

A man with a faux hawk haircut.

Another haircut that has made it to the new year as one of the most popular hairstyles for men is the faux hawk hairstyle. Closely related to the mohawk, the faux hawk (aka fohawk) offers the mohawk’s edgy and trendy aspects without all the drama. Unlike the mohawk haircut, which features shaved sides and a dramatic strip of hair that runs down the middle of the head from front to the back, the fohawk has a more gradual transition between the long hair and the faded sides. A faux hawk haircut is an excellent option for the fashion-forward man who wants to play up the punk weekends and look professional in the office.

5. Comb Over Haircut

Justin Timberlake with a comb over men's haircut.
Justin Timberlake has long been the comb-over guy. It works well with thick or fine hair.

Simple and infinitely versatile, the comb over haircut just had to make it to this list of popular men’s haircuts. Contrary to what you’d think about the comb over (maybe due to guys like Donald Trump), this is one of the coolest men’s hairstyles and one that is sophisticated and easy to achieve. The comb over haircut is one of those men’s haircuts that has a deserved place in both formal and casual settings, and will comfortably carry you from boardroom to bar on a Friday evening.

It also offers up more than a thousand ways to wear it, whether you want a side part, a comb over undercut, or a comb over fade, the comb-over haircut is one of the most flexible hairstyles going. The haircut works with virtually any hair type, whether you’re sporting thick hair or thin hair, and even men with curly hair can have a crack at it. If it works for Justin Timberlake, it can work for you.

6. Ivy League Haircut

Ryan Gosling with an Ivy League Men's haircut.
Ryan Gosling like the Ivy League haircut

If you are thinking, “All these hairstyles are great and all, but I just need something simple.” Well, how about the Ivy League haircut? Simple, straightforward, and polished, the Ivy League – named after the Ivy League universities in the US, renowned for their preppiness – works best with a fade haircut on the sides – if you don’t want a high fade, then a taper fade is your best bet – with a bit of length at the front, which you can part to one side.

The Ivy League men’s haircut is incredibly simple to style, as it only requires a small amount of product applied to towel-dried hair and, as long as you have the length of the hair on top right, there’s really no right and wrong when it comes to the final look.

7. Angular Fringe Hairstyle

Machine Gun Kelly with an angular fringe men's haircut.
Machine Gun Kelly is a big fan of the angular fringe.

The angular fringe is quickly gaining momentum as one of the most popular men’s hairstyles for guys who want a youthful and stylish look. The haircut still borrows the “long top, short sides” concept, but the fringe is left hanging over the forehead, and it is cut at an angle to give texture. The haircut is ideal for guys with round faces and is also a great look to show off highlights.

8. Buzz Cut Fade Haircut

Zayn Malik with a buzz cut men's haircut.
Zayn Malik wears the buzz cut incredibly well.

Hailing from military days, the buzz cut is the shortest and most drastic men’s haircut anyone can get. Back in those military days, the buzz cut – also called the induction cut – was given to new recruits to essentially remove their individuality and act as a sort of uniform… as well as not giving enemy soldiers something to grab on to during battle.

This popular men’s haircut doesn’t require much explanation when sitting in the barber’s chair, as its notoriety will mean any barber will quickly whip out their hair clippers, remove the guard – or at least set it to a number 1 – and remove all your hair. You can’t get much more low maintenance than that.

If you want to introduce a little extra flair, you can combine your buzz cut with faded sides by way of having a number 2 on top, with the hair on the sides and back of the head gradually cut down to a skin fade. What you will find with the buzz cut haircut, however, is that you’ll need to make regular visits to the barber to keep it looking its absolute best.

9. Skin Fade Crop

A man with a skin fade crop men's haircut.

Trent Pridmore, Founder & CEO of The Emporium Barber, which has three shops in Brisbane and one in Bondi Beach, has noticed some slightly differing trends from his customers. One of the most popular men’s haircuts he’s seen is the skin fade crop, a modern haircut if ever there was one.

The skin faded crop, as the name suggests, is one that exposes a fair amount of skin on the side of the head, with just a short hairstyle – the crop – on top of the head. If you want to imitate this cut yourself, Trent says to ask: “for a skin fade as short as you can go on the sides, blended up into a 1, and with a textured crop on the top.”

10. The Gentleman’s Cut

Taron Egerton with a Gentleman's cut men's haircut.
Manners maketh the man

A slick, suave haircut, the Gentleman’s Cut, as it is known, is one we suspect many inner-city workers will likely want to adopt for its sophistication yet stylish nature.

For this cut, Trent says to ask for a “fade from a 1 on the back and sides, blended up into a side part. Push it up and to the back and side on the top.”

“We like to taper the hairlines [in the shop] rather than leaving boxy, heavy lines so they grow out more naturally.”

“To style at home, use a matte cream of pomade on towel dried hair and comb it into your desired place.”

11. Slicked Back

Jonah Hill with a slicked back men's haircut.
Jonah Hill is a recent slicked-back specialist and your everyday man

Another hairstyle favoured by young professionals is the slick back. A high shine hairstyle, it too has its place in the corporate workspace as well as in more casual settings. You’ll need some good hair length to achieve a truly successful slick back hairstyle, so make sure you have the patience to grow it out if it’s one that’s new to you.

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When at the barbershop, Trent says to ask for “short back and sides and pushed back on the top.” And to style at home, apply your favourite pomade to towel dried hair and comb into place, but for a more natural look, use your fingers instead.

Truefitt & Hill have also seen an uptake in slicked back styles, with in-store barber Aras telling DMARGE a middle length 1940’s slicked back has been particularly popular. “Similar to the classic 1950’s side part, but without the side part. This hairstyle is for those who like more texture and volume in their hairstyle. A more modern take on this style is to fade the sides.”

“You would need a product that provides that shiny slick look and a pomade is the best for this for a high shine look. Alternatively, you could use a paste for a more medium shine whilst still achieving the slicked back look.”

For a slightly more modern alternative, Aras says a low taper push back has been asked for numerous times in the shop. “This is a modern variation of the slicked back look. It could be done with different lengths of fade on the sides, usually with medium to longer length on top.”

12. Classic Scissor Cut

Chris Hemsworth with a Classic Scissor Cut Men's haircut.
Chris Hemsworth wearing a classic scissor cut

They’re called classic for a reason. A scissor cut is oh-so-timeless as it requires the barber to go back to basics and simply wield a pair of scissors to work their magic.

Trent adds a classic scissor cut is “similar to the gentleman’s cut, but is kept a bit longer and one that uses scissors for a longer and more textured look that appears more natural and softer. Tapering the hairlines here definitely makes a difference for the better.”

“To style at home, apply a grooming cream to towel-dried hair, or you can first apply a texture spray, lightly dry your hair and then apply the cream. Then simply style with your hands until you’re happy with the result.”

Nathan Jancuaskas, founder of Men’s Biz adds he and his team have also noticed “a lot more emphasis on scissor work rather than just skin fades,” with some classic short hairstyles proving particularly popular, including “French crops and Caesar cuts.”

13. Mohawk / Skullet

Dan Bilzerian with a Mohawk Mullet men's haircut.
Dan Bilzerian loves the aggressive mullet.

Lastly, this is Australia after all, so it should come as no surprise that a mullet features on a list of most popular haircuts. For Trent and his team, he says “we like trying to keep them a bit more high class rather than full bogan, so ask for a 4/5 on the top and sides, with a tight burst fade on the sides.”

“For a tidier look, ask for the back to tapered out.”

As for styling, Trent asks us, “does this really matter for the mullet aficionado?”

“In all seriousness, if you’re seeing your mum for a Sunday roast then use some texture powder in dry hair and style using your hands so it at least looks like you’ve made an effort.”

Jacob has also seen a preference for mullet haircuts from the guys walking through his shop doors, “this has gained huge traction with Aussies and expats alike wanting the iconic Aussie cut – with so many prominent Aussie sports stars donning one it’s easy to see why!”

Nathan adds Men’s Biz has also been “seeing a preference for longer styles with guys coming out of lockdown or not being able to get haircuts the last year, and taking advantage of the extra length.” This is something Jacob has noticed too, “During the winter months we also see chaps experimenting with growing hair out this was even more popularised with lockdown cuts. Loads of texture easy to maintain for that Manly surfer vibe.”

These longer haircuts include “mullet-inspired looks, curtain haircuts, faux hawks, pompadours and quiffs.

For the guys at Truefitt & Hill, they’ve seen a preference for the faux hawk, as opposed to full on mullets – perhaps that speaks to the city’s political background? – “for those looking for something slightly more dramatic, this hairstyle if for them. Short on the sides with more length on top, it is edgy yet stylish.”

“You would usually style this hairstyle with a matte finish product like texture clay or for a more natural shine use a fiber hair management product.”

14. E-Boy Haircut

Timothee Chalamet is almost singlehandedly responsible for the rise of the e-boy trim. Image: Getty
Timothee Chalamet is almost singlehandedly responsible for the rise of the e-boy trim. Image: Getty

The internet has been abuzz with the eboy haircut, and for good reason. This term encompasses the trendy hairstyles sported by online stars and TikTok influencers, with two main styles that eboys typically flaunt.

The first style is the curtain eboy haircut, featuring medium-length hair and straight, silky bangs. This style, which gained popularity in the 90s, suits those with thick straight hair, although individuals with curly hair can straighten it to achieve a similar look.

The second popular eboy hairstyle is the front fringe eboy haircut, characterized by shorter sides and a thick eboy fringe. This style necessitates significant styling and is favored by Kpop celebrities. Those with curly hair can also pull off this look by allowing their hair to naturally drape over their forehead, creating a full frame for their face.

Eboy haircuts exude a youthful and charming vibe, beautifully framing the forehead and cheeks, especially for those with an angular face. The curtain eboy haircut imparts a slightly feminine appearance that meshes well with scene and goth aesthetics, whereas the fringe eboy haircut complements individuals with softer, rounder, more youthful faces.

The verdict on whether the eboy haircut is trendy or passé is entirely up to you, but given its blend of Kpop, 90s grunge, skater, goth, scene, and punk influences, it’s safe to say that this style is here to stay.

15. Shaggy Fringe

Ryan Gosling rocking a shaggy fringe at a recent TAG Heuer party. Image: Getty
Ryan Gosling rocking a shaggy fringe at a recent TAG Heuer party. Image: Getty

Trading out the platinum blonde of his Barbie role for a brown hue with blond highlights, Gosling showed off a “Kencore” shaggy fringe that was manicured to perfect messiness at TAG’s recent anniversary party.

Exuding what Gosling’s wife Eva Mendes affectionately refers to as “Kenergy“, this windswept, beach-ready look marks a significant departure from a string of more clean-cut, cropped looks that have defined the last few years of Gosling’s career.

Originally created in the 70s by barber Paul McGregor, this hairstyle has been a favourite of rock gods and celebrities alike and remains relevant today due to its versatility. The shag features feathered, choppy layers and a fuller crown, with the hair thinning toward the ends. It’s an excellent way to add movement and volume to your hair, while still requiring minimal styling.

One of the best things about the shag is its adaptability. You can customise the cut to suit your preferences, from complementing your face shape and hair texture, to altering the length to your desired look.

Whether you’re a rocker or a fashion-forward trendsetter, the shag is a great choice for any guy who wants to make a statement with their hair.

16. The Peaky Blinder

The Peaky Blinder Source Studio87 via Facebook
Source: Studio87 via Facebook

If you’re a man with thick hair, then there are many hairstyles you can choose from, including this hairstyle influenced by the Peaky Blinders show. Peaky Blinders brought back people’s interest in early 20th-century hairstyles, and if you were a fan, then you have all the reasons to try this style. 

The hairstyle involves shaved sides, a long top, and a tousled front. The hairstyle is best for men with thicker hair and a rounder face, but bear in mind that you will need to take some time to style it.

17. Undercut Long Bang

Undercut Long Bang - Source @mensworldherenkappers via Instagram
Source: @mensworldherenkappers via Instagram

Undercuts have been a popular choice for a while. This style perfectly blends the undercut with a long bang. 

The sides and back are shaved or closely cropped. Meanwhile, the top is much longer, and it provides an angular or sweeping fringe. What’s great about it is that it’s very stylish yet gives you a rebellious aspect that everyone will be mesmerized by. 

Furthermore, this hairstyle can be adapted to work with different hair lengths and types. It’s possible to do it in a messier style or go with a sleek, polished look instead. It’s all up to you. 

18. Modern Mullet

Modern Mullet Source @zaebis.haircuts via Instagram
Source: @zaebis.haircuts via Instagram

Men in the 80s were rocking the mullet. You may have seen this style on famous men and wondered how it would look on you. The mullet includes longer hair at the back and shorter hair at the sides and front. Even though it used to be popular decades ago, it has returned, this time with a more modern twist. 

You can mix the modern mullet with a mullet fade, French crop, and undercut. There are many variations you can go for. But you must be dedicated to maintaining this style if you want to make it last. You’ll need to regularly wash it and shave the sides. 

19. Bowl Cut

Source: @braidbarbers via Instagram

The bowl cut is perhaps one of the most popular styles. Many celebrities have had it, including Ed Sheeran, Jim Carrey, and Paul McCartney. 

What’s impressive about this haircut is its longevity – it’s been going strong for a long time. And believe it or not, it also has numerous variations. Bowl cuts work best with round faces Also, they’re usually chosen by younger men as they can appreciate the modern variations of the cut more easily. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need to constantly trim it to maintain its shape and condition if you want to keep it healthy and shiny. If you want to add spikes, you can always use gel or pomade to get that look. 

20. High and Tight Bald Fade Military Haircut

High and Tight Bald Fade Military Haircut Source @fadeaholix via Instagram
Source: @fadeaholix via Instagram

This military haircut is very popular with men. It looks amazing and will turn many heads, and chances are that ladies will compliment you all the time if you get it. 

This hairstyle involves a longer top with shorter sides that fade into a bald head toward the bottom. It can truly show off your unique facial features, making your best traits stand out. 

Men with this haircut love it not only because of how great it looks but also because it requires very low maintenance. You’ll need to maintain it, but you don’t need to be constantly taking care of it like you would with long hair. 

21. Shaggy Haircut

Shag Source @lindamandal via Instagram
Source: @lindamandal via Instagram

If you have beautiful locks, you may want to show them off every time you have the chance. It’s especially true if you have wavy or curly hair. But in order for the hair to look fabulous, you need to style it correctly, and a shag seems like the perfect solution in this case. 

A shag haircut involves multiple layers. The sides and top get some feathering. The most volume is at the top, whereas the ends become thinner, or they get fringed. 

With the right styling, this haircut is suitable for any face shape. If you want, you can also mix it with a shaggy undercut. 

22. Butch Cut

Butch Cut @stmntgrooming via Instagram
Source: @stmntgrooming via Instagram

At first glance, this haircut seems identical to the buzz cut. Indeed, it is part of the buzz cut group, but it has something of its own that distinguishes it from the rest. The cut allows the hair to be the same length over the whole head. Because it’s short and so easy to obtain, styling it is also a piece of cake. 

So, if you want to show off your facial features and not have to deal with a lot of maintenance, the butch cut is the way to go. The style works well with rectangular, square, and oval face types. 

23. Curtains Hairstyle

Curtains Hairstyle @andrewdoeshair via Instagram
Source: @andrewdoeshair via Instagram

The curtains hairstyle has been around for a long time. But while it’s not new, it is still quite fashionable, with more and more men settling for it. 

This haircut looks great on men who want to keep their hair a bit longer and style it in various ways. The hair is parted in the middle of your head, with the hair flowing nicely along your head. Nowadays, men like to add a little modern twist to it by keeping it a little shorter and more textured. 

You can also add a fade on the sides and back for a fresher look.

24. The Man Bun

The Man Bun @freizo_ via Instagram
Source: @freizo_ via Instagram

The man bun is very stylish and men with long hair love this hairstyle. In recent years, lots of men have rocked it, mainly because it can be adapted to both casual or formal situations and outfits. 

It’s easy to do – you simply need to comb your hair, then tie it into a bun. The good news is that it will suit you no matter if you have a triangle, square, or oval face shape. However, it doesn’t work that well with rectangular face shapes. 

So, if you cannot spend a lot of time styling your hair yet want to keep it long, then the man bun is the perfect choice for you. 

25. High Fade Curls

High Fade Curls Source Empire-Hair Studio via Facebook
Source: Empire-Hair Studio via Facebook

If you have curly or wavy hair yet want to keep it a bit shorter, the high fade curl will work very well for you. It’s a very popular military haircut, with the shortest part of your hair being taken high and blended with longer hair on the side. 

It’s not that easy to achieve this hairstyle, which is why you need to go to a good stylist or barber to get it. On top of that, it will need regular maintenance, so if it’s a long-term choice, get ready to visit the stylist more often.

26. Silver Fox Haircut

Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond always loves the silver fox haircut.
Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond always loves the silver fox haircut.

If you’re going grey and still have plenty of hair to spare, then embrace the silver fox haircut. Often seen on the likes of Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney, the silver fox look is best styled off the face and kepy short, depending on your hair thickness.

27. Old School Mullet

The iconic mullet haircut from the 1980s

When you think of Australia, you inevitably think of our iconic hairstyle known as the mullet. In circulation since the 1980s, the mullet has recently made a massive comeback with men everywhere. It’s so popular even schools in Australia have had to ban the mullet from classrooms. Formula 1 driver, Valtteri Bottas has even been seen sporting a mullet in his offseason.

28. Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair Source @CharaghHairFashionandGentPorlour via Facebook
Source: @CharaghHairFashionandGentPorlour via Facebook

There’s rarely any man that didn’t look at the spiky hairstyle and thought to himself that he would look great with it. This haircut has been popular since the 90s, and the best thing about it is that it can look messy and rebellious, but also cool at the same time. Whether you want to look more punk or just stand out from the crowd, this hairstyle can be perfect for you. It can create a textured appearance and works with different hair lengths. 

Most of the time, men keep their hair short or medium-length so their spikes can look their best. 

29. Androgynous Haircut

Androgynous Haircut Source @coiffeurstory via Instagram
Source: @coiffeurstory via Instagram

You don’t necessarily have to keep a haircut fully masculine. Some men look great with androgynous haircuts, which mix feminine and masculine elements to create something unique. With the right face shape and the proper styling, the hairstyle can be perfect. 

Androgynous hairstyles are quite expressive and there are many options you can settle for depending on your hair length and texture. Most of the time, you can adapt it to match your hair and suit your preferences. So, if you don’t care about gender norms and you love to express yourself, don’t hesitate to give this androgynous style a try. 

30. Tied Back Ponytail

Tied Back Ponytail Source @lasselom via Instagram
Source: @lasselom via Instagram

The cool thing about having long hair as a man is that you can style it in various ways. And if you find the perfect style for you, you can look very hot and masculine, something the ladies will appreciate a lot. With long hair, a tied-back ponytail is a simple but great way to make an impression.

And if you want to look a bit more Viking, you can pair it with a nice beard as well. The longer and shinier your long hair is, the better your ponytail is going to look. 

31. Short Curls

Short Curls Source @amalliadeleonardo via Instagram
Source: @amalliadeleonardo via Instagram

If you’re a man blessed with curly locks, you’ve probably received many compliments for them. But you’re the only one who really knows what it takes to maintain the amazing curls. Well, with the short curl haircut, you’ll have full control of your hair. 

By keeping your hair nice and short, you’ll have an easier time styling it with some hair mousse. You can brush it back if you want your look to be a bit more polished, or you can keep it messy, depending on the aspect you are going for.

32. Short Afro

Short Afro Source @martbarber_uganda via Instagram
Source: @martbarber_uganda via Instagram

If you’re blessed with a cool and unique hair texture, then you need to show it off in the best way possible. An afro will be a symbol of empowerment and pride, and what’s great is that this particular short hairstyle is easy to take care of. 

When you are rocking a short afro haircut, you can obtain more volume and texture. On top of that, you’ll spend less time having to groom it compared to longer afro hairstyles. So, don’t hesitate to get this hairstyle if you want to show how proud you are of your hair. 

33. Short Fringe

Short Fringe Source @bestmenshaircutsnyc via Instagram
Source: @bestmenshaircutsnyc via Instagram

Fringes can change your look for the better. Even something as simple as a short fringe can make a huge impact. If you have a triangular face shape or a high forehead, then this haircut will look even better on you. 

When used right, a short fringe can give your face more shape and definition. On top of that, if you want a fringe but don’t want something that would require too much maintenance, this cut would be the perfect choice.

You will have to cut it once in a while to keep it short if your hair grows fast, but that shouldn’t be too troublesome. 

34. 360 Waves

180 Waves Haircut Source @masterdorian via Instagram
Source: @masterdorian via Instagram

360 waves have become extremely popular in recent years. This was mainly due to rapper Nelly. Once he displayed this amazing and unique hairstyle, lots of African-American men signed up for it too. What’s great about it is that it allows you to show off your natural hair texture. 

Now, here’s something that you need to know about it: if you want this haircut, you will have to put in some effort to maintain it. Overall, you need to make sure that your hair and scalp are healthy so the waves look nice and shiny. 

35. Hair Twist

Hair Twist Source @legends_barber via Instagram
Source: @legends_barber via Instagram

This hairstyle is great, especially for men with afro-texture hair. The twisted style can help you look cool, protect your hair, and tame your kinks. The outcome of this hairstyle will be influenced by your hair length. Medium-length hair is generally the go-to option for this hairstyle as it gives you more hair to work with. 

If you take good care of your hair, the twists can last for up to six weeks. Not to mention that this hairstyle looks absolutely amazing, so you’re bound to get numerous compliments from your friends.

36. Tousled

Tousled Source @andrewdoeshair via Instagram
Source: @andrewdoeshair via Instagram

Tousled hair can make you look manly yet angelic at the same time. It’s a casual hairstyle that just works well in any scenario, whether you want to go to a casual event or a more formal one. 

The best way to achieve this hairstyle is with medium-length hair. On top of that, you may want to have some hair products available. Some hair wax, sea salt spray, pomade, or grease will all help you keep your locks in place. So, you have to invest some money and time if you want to maintain this hairstyle. 

37. Mexican Haircut

Mexican Haircut Source @ppatrickmarinho via Instagram
Source: @ppatrickmarinho via Instagram

There are numerous Mexican haircuts you can choose from. Depending on your preferences, but also your hair texture and your face’s shape, you can opt for one style or another. 

One of the classic Mexican haircuts is the slicked-back hairstyle. It’s polished and sophisticated, and it will look great in both casual and formal environments. Besides, your age will not matter, because this haircut just looks amazing on everyone. You can either keep it normal or pair it with a high skin fade, depending on which Mexican haircut you opt for.

Just make sure you go for the right length and style and it’ll look impeccable. 

38. Bro Flow

Bro Flow Source @bestmenshaircutsnyc via Instagram
Source: @bestmenshaircutsnyc via Instagram

The bro flow hairstyle is ideal for any man looking for a more relaxed look. This haircut provides quite a laid-back aspect, and this is because it lets your longer hair flow. Not to mention that it allows your locks to take their natural shape, which can give you a very nice look regardless of the outfit you want to pair it with. 

This haircut is making a comeback, and what’s even better is that it looks amazing with both straight and curly hair. If you want something freestyle and flowing, you shouldn’t be afraid to opt for this cut as it will help you stand out. 

39. Disheveled

Disheveled Source @bestmenshaircutsnyc via Instagram
Source: @bestmenshaircutsnyc via Instagram

Do you have long hair but you’re not in the mood to style it or you just don’t have the time to do it? In this case, you should try this disheveled hairstyle.

This look turns the messy bedhead style into something cute and casual. Just look at Harry Styles – he knows how to make it look great and you can achieve the same style. Just keep it nice and simple. If you’re a relaxed man, you’ll surely make it look dashing. 

Currently, this is one of the most popular men’s haircuts in the world, so you’ll also be following the current trends. 

40. Edgar Haircut

Edgar Haircut Source @legendary.barber via Instagram
Source: @legendary.barber via Instagram

Edgar haircuts are amazing for men who want to look a bit edgy and unique. This is for those gentlemen who want to stand out. It’s a fringe haircut, which means that it will need regular maintenance, but if you don’t have a problem with that, it will work nicely.

To get started with this, you should get a textured crop first. This includes a shorter fringe that can easily blend with the rest of the hair on top of your head. Then, you can get some side fade to make the cut stand out more. The Edgar style looks best with some high skin fade. 

41. Wet Comb Over

Wet Comb Over Source @figarosbarbershoplisboa via Instagram
Source: @figarosbarbershoplisboa via Instagram

Lots of men opt for the comb-over hairstyle. What makes it so popular is the fact that it is suitable for men of every age, so you don’t have to worry about the age aspect. This haircut is a classic, and what makes it great is that it works with different hair textures. What’s even better is that a receding hairline or thinning hair will be unable to stop you from enjoying this haircut. 

You can get this hairstyle if you comb or brush your hair to one side. For a better hold, you can go for the wet comb over. Basically, you will need something like mousse or gel to make it look like it’s wet.

Then, simply mix it with a low taper fade or a fade. 

42. European Haircut

European Haircut Source @figarosbarbershoplisboa via Instagram
Source: @figarosbarbershoplisboa via Instagram

The European haircut involves different styles. It can be the comb over, pompadour, disconnected undercut, or slicked-back style. The reason why it’s called “the European haircut” is that it was inspired by European men. 

You don’t have to be European to rock this hairstyle, though – it looks good on any man. When you finally achieve it, it can look very sexy, and many ladies will turn their heads to look at you. Now, which European style you settle for depends on your hair length, hair texture, and preference, but choose carefully so it looks good with your face shape. 

43. Ducktail Haircut

Ducktail Haircut Source @alan_beak via Instagram
Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

This is a hairstyle that needs to be done right by an experienced stylist for it to look good. If you want to achieve a contemporary style, you can use retro male hairstyles for inspiration, then make some adjustments so that they follow the current trends. 

This ducktail hairstyle can look great with enough definition and texture. Therefore, you need to put some effort into styling it so it looks just right. It’ll give you a classic look, and you can rock it in both casual and formal situations.

44. Brad Pitt Hairstyle

Brad Pitt Hairstyle Source variety.com
Source: variety.com

Have you ever looked at Brad Pitt and thought “I want to look as cool as him!”? Well, now you can – you just need to get the right haircut. You may have seen Pitt with different hairstyles over the years, but one of the most popular ones that lots of men want is the military haircut that the actor had in the Fury movie. 

It involves an undercut and a slicked-back top. All you need to do for the slicked back is brush your hair back, pulling it away from your hairline. Use some gel or pomade to style it afterward. 

45. Flat Top

Flat Top Source @eone_luther via Instagram
Source: @eone_luther via Instagram

You may have seen flat-top hairstyles a lot lately. The style is trendy, with many men opting for it nowadays. It looks unique, and your efforts to maintain it will not go unnoticed, bringing you compliments from your friends and even from strangers. 

The flat top allows you to make a statement. Basically, the hair at the back and sides is shorter, with the hair on the top being very high and voluminous. There’s no standard length that you must choose for the top, but longer hair stands out more, yet needs more maintenance. 

46. Cornrow Hairstyle

Cornrow Hairstyle Source @dynasty_barbers via Instagram
Source: @dynasty_barbers via Instagram

You can’t go wrong with cornrows. This braided hairstyle is one of the most popular out there, and for a good reason – the style is easy to obtain and just makes you look badass. 

Someone skilled is needed to help you achieve this look. With the underhand braiding technique, the braids are done very close to the scalp. It’s possible to create the braids in different lengths and thicknesses and you can even mix them with other hairstyles, such as a topknot and fade. 

This style allows you to protect your hair, as it gets a break from chemicals and styling. 

47. Long Hair with Fade

Long Hair with Fade Source @dynasty_barbers via Instagram
Source: @dynasty_barbers via Instagram

Fade cuts do not only look good with short hair. If you spent years growing out your hair, you don’t have to sacrifice your great locks now to be able to enjoy the fade style – this can simply be mixed with your long hair. 

When your hair is long and shiny, a high or low fade will look great with it. You just need to find a good stylist that knows how to make it look great. 

The type of fade that works best for you varies from one person to another. So, it’s recommended to ask your barber which style suits you better.

48. Johnny Depp Haircut

Johnny Depp Haircut Source people.com
Source: people.com

Anyone who watches Johnny Depp’s movies knows he had different hairstyles over the years, and if you’re a fan of the actor, you can use him as inspiration for your new haircut. Whichever style you choose depends on your preferences and your hair length and texture.

For the most part, his crybaby hairstyle is the most popular one. It mixes a rockabilly quiff with some loose hairs, giving it a more rebellious appearance. It can be personalized to suit your preferences, though. Just play around until you find something that suits your hair type. 

49. Half-Up

Half-Up Source @lasselom via Instagram
Source: @lasselom via Instagram

Here’s another great hairstyle for long-haired men – the half-up and half-down style. The name is pretty self-explanatory – you simply need to have long hair, then wear some of it up in a bun or a ponytail. Meanwhile, the rest of your hair will remain free. 

This style works best when you want to show off your locks while hacking the hair off your face. It looks cool while making sure hair doesn’t obstruct your vision. Any man with a bold sense of style will look and feel confident with this hairstyle. 

50. Freeform Dreadlocks

Freeform Dreadlocks Source @zackblendz via Instagram
Source: @zackblendz via Instagram

Men with dreadlocks know the power they hold. This style allows any man to make a statement, not to mention that it looks unique and amazing. If you want something with a more natural approach, though, freeform dreadlocks may be a better alternative. 

These dreadlocks are made without any manipulation technique. The only thing you need to do is allow your hair to grow naturally. This is very affordable and requires little maintenance. What’s great is that you can have different lengths and thicknesses with this style, and you can either wear the dreadlocks loose or in a bun. 

51. Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut Source @andrewdoeshair via Instagram
Source: @andrewdoeshair via Instagram

Numerous individuals opted for the wolf cut, as it’s a great way to look more youthful and rebellious. The style involves different heavy layers that are thinner toward the edges while focusing on the crown. As such, the top of your hair will look thicker and fuller, giving it a more unique appearance. 

The hair will get a lot of movement with this style, and it works for any hair texture. Another advantage is that the hair will also look thicker, even if you have thin hair. 

52. Pointed Bangs

Pointed Bangs Source @r.braid via Instagram
Source: @r.braid via Instagram

Men who go with the pointed bangs haircut are not afraid to express themselves. You may not see a lot of guys wearing this style, but that only means that you get to look different than anyone else. 

The key to this look is to obtain a fringe in a V-shape as the focus will be on the forehead. Your eyes will also stand out more. With textured hair, you can achieve a more blended look, whereas straight hair will be better at showing how precise the cut is. 

Generally, this style is popular in the Goth subculture.

53. R9 Ronaldo Haircut

The haircut that stopped a nation. The R9 haircut was the biggest shock to the 2002 World Cup in France. The Brazil legend Ronaldo has revealed that his memorable haircut from the 2002 World Cup was part of a plan to distract people from his injury troubles. Unfortunately, this didn’t help them win, with France eventually prevailed.

54. Caesar Haircut

The Caesar haircut is a popular hairstyle for men that has been around for centuries. It is characterised by short, even length all around the head, with a horizontal fringe of hair at the front. The Ceasar has been make popular by Geezers in Bondi Beach and Coogee. It usually comes with a bumb bag and a Burberry hat.

55. Frosted Tips

Frosted Tips Source gq.com
Source: gq.com

Nothing screams “90s’ boy bands’ like frosted tips. Justin Timberlake pretty much invented the whole thing! Get your baggy jeans and oversized t-shirts on when sporting this hairstyle to finish off the boyband look.

This style is made possible by bleaching your hair, then styling it upwards with gel to look spikey – creating a contrast with the rest of your hair; this technique also makes your hair appear fuller and thicker, so it’s great for men with thinner hair.

56. Mid-Fade Cut

Mid-Fade Cut Source @jose.crespo_ via Instagram
Source: @jose.crespo_ via Instagram

If you’re a corporate kind of guy looking for a cut to smarten up your appearance, look no further than the mid-fade; it rests perfectly between the attention-grabbing high-fade and the inconspicuous low-fade cut. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds. Additionally, the mid-fade haircut can complement any style and texture on top, making it an extremely versatile and inclusive cut – who wouldn’t want it?

The Mid-Fade is a fade cut that starts at the level between your temples and your ears; beginning the fade halfway down gives room for balance and symmetry, with the benefit of keeping some of the lengths of your natural locks.

57. Two-Block Haircut

Two-Block Haircut Source @sa__tc.hu via Instagram
Source: @sa__tc.hu via Instagram

This style is one of the chicest haircuts out there, and if you want to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, this might be the cut for you. The low-maintenance, natural cut is perfect for getting up, dressing up, and showing up with little-to-no effort.

The block haircut looks similar to a bowl or mushroom cut; it contains two blocks cut on top of each other; usually, the top left side is left long, and the sides and back are left short – modest, yet oh so powerful!

58. Ronaldo Haircut

Ronaldo Haircut Source @cristiano via Instagram
Source: @cristiano via Instagram

So you’re a soccer fan? Well, even if you’re not, you’ve probably heard about the well-known football star Cristiano Ronaldo and, even more so, his haircut!

Cristiano Ronaldo has had many different styles over the years; crew cut fades, slicks backs, classic comb-overs, and Ivy League Haircuts; thick or thin hair – you can flaunt his look.

59. Mid-Length Flow haircut

Mid-Length Flow haircut Source imdb.com
Source: imdb.com

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone embracing their natural look. The Flow cut is popular among actors like Timothee Chalamet and Chris Hemsworth, so rest assured you’ll get the celebrity look. 

The flow is all about movement and fluidity; think about the breeze moving through your hair on a warm summer’s day. This cut has medium-length hair that flows to the back. Many skaters and surfers sport this style, but it is not mutually exclusive to them – anyone can wear a flow!

60. Pageboy Haircut

Pageboy Haircut Source @jodytaylorhair via Instagram
Source: @jodytaylorhair via Instagram

You can never go wrong with an absolute classic, like the pageboy haircut; any man with a pageboy style emanates confidence and prestige. The cut is characterized by its short-styled geometric lines, which add edginess. You can wear it with or without bangs or even add a pop of color.

You can style the page boy to look sleek and elegant by blow-drying inwards and finishing off strong with hairspray, or if you want to go the retro route, you can reach for wax or promade.

61. Fluffy Edgar Cut

Fluffy Edgar Cut Source @seecut_hairstylizh via Instagram
Source: @seecut_hairstylizh via Instagram

The Fluffy Edgar cut is a spin-off of the classic Edgar; it is perfect for long, thick hair and is characterized by having a voluminous top with extra emphasis on texture and movement – you can thank the taper fades on either side for that!

You can add a bit of volume mousse to your hair while you blow dry with a round brush; however, leave the straight fringe product free to keep the Edgars signature look.

62. Viking Haircut

Viking Haircut Source @spizoiky via Instagram
Source: @spizoiky via Instagram

Who said a ponytail couldn’t be masculine? The Viking haircut has made a popular comeback and can be linked to Ragnar Lothbrocks’ draw-dropping good looks. Many styles, like man buns, long flowy locks, or even braided hair, fall under this category, so you could have been rocking a Viking cut without knowing it!

The best way to tap into that inner masculine warrior is to pair your Viking haircut with a well-groomed beard; you’ll have heads turning from every direction. 

63. 180 Waves Haircut

360 Waves Source @legends_barber via Instagram
Source: @legends_barber via Instagram

The waves haircut is the most popular haircut worn by black men, and this is a fact. If you’re looking for a freshened, clean-cut look, this is the style to go for; plus, when paired with a low, mid, or high taper, it can’t be topped.

When you opt for the 180 Waves, you’ll only have the top portion of your head with this style. 

64. Emo Haircut

Emo Haircut Source @iamthebarber132 via Instagram
Source: @iamthebarber132 via Instagram

2008 called and said they want their royalties for every emo cut! Just kidding. An alternative style is all the craze in 2024, so what’s stopping you from getting an emo cut? 

The emo haircut is characterized by its long side fringe that swoops to one side, usually covering one eye. A classic emo cut is paired with a rich black color, fully embodying the word “emotional.” However, the look doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom; you can brighten it with vibrant neon colors, too!

65. Crew Cut Haircut

Crew Cut Haircut Source @barbergreg via Instagram
Source: @barbergreg via Instagram

An excellent choice for the modern man is a classic Crew Cut; it’s stylish, practical, and never goes out of fashion. Its simplicity makes it appeal to the man who wants something relatively low-maintenance yet eye-catching at the same time.

The clean-cut is an excellent style for men with little-to-no hair because of its short style; the top is short, and the rest is cut even shorter. The Crew Cut can make you appear more mature and exude elegance and confidence!

66. Mushroom Haircut

Mushroom Haircut Source @michalwojciak via Instagram
Source: @michalwojciak via Instagram

The Mushroom haircut, also known as the infamous “Bowl-cut,” is characterized by its distinctive rounded shape that resembles the top of a mushroom; it is created by cutting a straight line around the head, just above the ears and the nape of the neck; now, that doesn’t sound like it would make a good-looking haircut, right? Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are many different types of Mushroom Cut styles out there, and you can incorporate line designs, textures, fades, and fringes; you’re truly spoilt for choice. 

67. Mark Davis Haircut

Mark Davis Haircut Source nypost.com
Source: nypost.com

When you think of a billionaire, is this the kind of haircut that comes to mind? Well, as the saying goes, don’t knock it till you try it! 

This unconventional style looks like a combination of bowl-cut and short-trimmed bangs. Ideally, to replicate this iconic cut, you would need to grow the correct length and have your hair limp and relaxed to get the desired effect. Blow-drying this style is recommended by Mark Davis himself.

68. Ponytail Dreads Haircut

Ponytail Dreads Haircut Source @los_cut_it via Instagram
Source: @los_cut_it via Instagram

Hair can be a potent tool and convey a message about who you are and what your personality is like by how you wear it! Dreadlocks are a popular option amongst African Men, and it stems from cultural roots, too.

Not only do dreads have a striking appearance, but they can also be worn in a multitude of different styles and cuts; a ponytail style draws attention to the top, especially if you pair it with an undercut!

69. Broccoli Haircut

Broccoli Haircut Source @4hairfashion via Instagram
Source: @4hairfashion via Instagram

Finally, a style that is all too familiar to the Gen-Z readers out there. The Broccoli haircut is a no-brainer when it comes to appearance; the top is styled to look curly (or, if you’re lucky to have naturally curly hair) while the sides and back are kept short, thus resulting in the look of a vegetable we know and love the Broccoli!

The Broccoli is fashionable, which means it can make just about any man look good, as well as his outfit. Men sporting this cut can expect their confidence to skyrocket and gain the attention of everyone around them.

70. The Rockabilly

The Rockabilly Source @4hairfashion via Instagram
Source: @4hairfashion via Instagram

The classic rockabilly pompadour has been rocking and rolling around since the 50s’ and is not going anywhere anytime soon! With a rockabilly comes a lot of grease, so don’t be surprised if someone refers to you as a “greaser,” the only thing that matters is that you look like a badass with the hairstyle to match!

Styling a rockabilly takes a lot of time and effort, but you’ll reap the rewards, that’s for sure! Make sure you have a cabinet stocked from top to bottom with waxes, gels, mousses, and hairsprays to ensure you don’t go a day without looking like the best version of yourself.

71. 80s Mens Haircut

80s Mens Haircut Source @iamthebarber132 via Instagram
Source: @iamthebarber132 via Instagram

The 80s was indeed a time when fashion had many pivotal moments, as did hairstyles. Many timeless haircuts came out of the 80s and left marked impressions for decades; mullets, perms, rockers, feathered cuts, Jheri curls, and pretty boys – which one to pick is the most challenging part!

A key attribute of the 80s style is that it was all about volume, so if you’ve got your heart set on the style, make sure your cupboard is stacked with volume mousse and hairspray because you’ll need a lot of it.

72. Perms

Perms Source @4hairfashion via Instagram
Source: @4hairfashion via Instagram

Curly hair is one of the most high-maintenance hairstyles out there, especially if you need to get up at the crack of dawn every morning to stand in the mirror curling your hair, piece by piece! A perm is a great solution to this problem. A perm is a chemical treatment that will alter the structure of your hair and leave you with natural-looking “waves” or “curls.”

There are different varieties when it comes to perms, so luckily, you’ll be able to pick and choose which style suits you best; long, loose beach waves, tight curls, defined curls, or a combination of all three. When it comes to maintaining your new hairdo, only use shampoos and conditioners specifically for perms to ensure the longevity of your cut and style!

73. Korean Mens Haircut

Korean Mens Haircut Source @dxc.tian via Instagram
Source: @dxc.tian via Instagram

Koreans are no strangers to being trendsetters on the runway, so it is no wonder that they come in flaming hot with hairstyles. Their styles are charismatic, charming, and easy on the eye, perfect for the modern man!

The two-block haircut had the world in a chokehold and inspired people worldwide to get style, but that is not the only Korean cut that sparked the interest of others internationally – the Korean twists on perms, side cuts, fades, and more will have you speechless.

74. Stacked Haircut

Stacked Haircut Source @joth_davies via Instagram
Source: @joth_davies via Instagram

Stacked, otherwise known as “layered” haircuts, are popular today because they add a whole lot of character, texture, and volume to an otherwise ordinary cut. The layers add movement and depth and work wonders for men with thinner hair! 

The hair on top is the shortest length, while the section around the hairline is the longest, and, as you guessed it, the middle section acts as a transition between the short top and the long bottom.

75. Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk Haircut Source @thebarbercole via Instagram
Source: @thebarbercole via Instagram

The Mohawk can only be modeled by the man daring to be bold and audacious. If you want to get in touch with that rebellious punk-rock inner child, this is the style you should look into; plus, you have to risk it to get the biscuit!

The Mohawk is not for the faint of heart. Still, once the modern man has grown up and looked for other options concerning this contemporary cut, he would be surprised to see various options, including colors, fades, undercuts, designs, and more.

76. Line Designs 

Line Designs Source @masoudrabiee13 via Instagram
Source: @masoudrabiee13 via Instagram

Line designs are a great way to add some edge to any style or cut you may already be flaunting. There is a common misconception that “players” wear the designs like a badge of honor, but don’t worry because that is nothing but a false statement because anyone can rock a line design!

Lines can be created with a straight razor or an electric clipper and shaved into the side of the head; you can even incorporate different colors into the designs, too!

77. Chris Hemsworth Haircut

Chris Hemsworth Haircut Source vanityfair.com
Source: vanityfair.com

Chris Hemsworth is a Hollywood heartthrob who knows how to win the hearts of many ladies. Not only that, he is one of the most iconic and stylish men in the movie industry – what’s not to want when it comes to this guy? 

He has worn many haircuts over the past decade and many of them being influential show-stoppers, including; side sweeps, quiffs, messy spikes, long blonde locks, and loose messy buns. With that amount of hairdos, you’re spoilt for choice when emulating the hunks’ style!

78. Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin Bieber Haircut Source gq.com
Source: gq.com

Justin Bieber might be the most famous man in the world, and with that notoriety comes a lot of influence; his fame comes from his talent on stage and his dashing good looks. Everyone was copying his famous Mod haircut back in 2009!

Bieber, being the influential man that he is, had more than one hit haircut like the classy long slicked back, the buzz-cut, the famous quiff, or the side swept fringe – you have a cut and style for every occasion.

79. Ryan Gosling Haircut

Ryan Gosling Source vogue.co.uk
Source: vogue.co.uk

Known for his role in The Notebook, Gosling is the poster boy for what every girl dreams for in a man. With this information in mind, wouldn’t you want to flaunt his style? 

Although Gosling has had many different hairdos over the years, the one thing that has remained constant is his honey-blonde locks, so when cutting or styling, you should consider getting a color too! You could go for his Drive haircut, Ivy League, or even the notorious Notebook cut.

80. Comb Over With Low Fade Haircut

Comb Over With Low Fade Haircut Source @thedeadface via Instagram
Source: @thedeadface via Instagram

When you hear the word “comb-over,” you might think of David Beckham or Ryan Gosling – and you won’t be wrong! Many of the world’s most handsome men wear the comb-over with pride, and you should consider it too. The comb-over has been associated with men balding, and while that may be appropriate in certain scenarios, it is simply styling your hair to one side in a trendy fashion.

A low fade is always a great option if you want to lean on the more conservative side; you could pair it with a beard to top off the gentlemanly look!

81. Cuh Haircut

Cuh Haircut Source @cal_newsome via Instagram
Source: @cal_newsome via Instagram

The Cuh, otherwise known as the “Takauche” haircut, is the most popular style among Mexican men, and although the haircut has been dubbed “the most hated haircut in the world,” don’t let it stop you from getting this trendy look because this style can suit everyone, and taste is subjective after all!

You can spot the Cuh from a mile away by its thick, straight-brimmed bangs, curved temple fade, and crisp edges. Because the Cuh is versatile, you can customize and make it unique by adding texture, length, volume, and color.

82. Long Hair

Long Hair Source @fitbeny via Instagram
Source: @fitbeny via Instagram

A head full of long, luscious hair indicates good health and longevity; now, with this in mind, wouldn’t this be the ideal cut and style to go for? Additionally, there is a lot to work with when it comes to having longer hair, so the world is your oyster! Longer hair needs to be maintained and well-looked so that you don’t look like you slept for a week and couldn’t find your brush, too!

The versatility of long hair is unmatched; the many styles available at your fingertips will have the men with shorter hair glancing with resentful stares! You could opt for a man bun, masculine dutch braids, or a simple side sweep. 

83. 90s Haircut Style

90s Haircut Style Source @zaebis.haircuts via Instagram
Source: @zaebis.haircuts via Instagram

Like fashion, hairstyles come and go but always make a comeback sooner or later! Hair is one way a person can express themselves and show off their personality; men especially take advantage of this. The 90s’ was revolutionary regarding luscious locks and over-the-top hairdos.

You could wear the “Young Leo” hairstyle like Di Caprio did in The Titanic, an Afro, Frosted Tips, Cornrows, or even a Bowl Cut.

84. Hard Part Haircut

Hard Part Haircut Source @thebarbercole via Instagram
Source: @thebarbercole via Instagram

If you want to make a statement with your appearance, the hard part cut is the look for you. Its most appealing attribute is how convenient it is for the modern man wanting to make his life a tad easier in the morning; this style requires minimal effort when it comes to styling. Although it may be easier to style, it requires frequent cuts to keep its chic look.

There is an overload of different styles you can add to a hard part, and it is a simple addition to any other cut; this is what makes this style super trendy; you can add a fade, a crew cut, keep some texture, and length on top or add a slick comb-over – the choice is ultimately yours!

85. Patrick Bateman Haircut

Patrick Bateman Haircut Source Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

The Patrick Bateman haircut, in essence, is simply a slick-back, but its uniqueness comes from its styling; that’s not to say that you won’t look like you walked straight out of Wall Street will a million-dollar killer smile and a haircut to match – Just make sure you have your wax, clay, or gel around to get the Bateman touch!

Now, the slick-back has a classic timelessness about it that is unparalleled and has to be styled in a way that creates a wavy texture to it, but of course, in a Patrick Bateman kind of way, so keep that in mind when you’re standing in the mirror running your hands through your locks.

86. Long Afro

Jheri Curls Source @martbarber_uganda via Instagram
Source: @martbarber_uganda via Instagram

An Afro will forever be a statement style for African American men; it is also one of the styles that encourages body positivity and embraces your natural hair – this is a winner on its own! Growing an Afro requires time, patience, and a few thick, wide-toothed combs.

To maintain this type of haircut, you’ll need to trim for split ends and keep it moisturized consistently. 

87. Haircuts For Asian Men

Haircuts For Asian Men Source @harris_1218 via Instagram
Source: @harris_1218 via Instagram

Asia is vast, and because of its size, there are many different hair types to consider; silky, thin, brittle, strong, wavy, curly – you name it, it’s there! The climate also plays a huge factor in how the different hair types adapt to their environment; that’s a lot to take in! Thankfully, Asian hair all share one common trait, their hair is generally thicker and stiffer.

Length always looks chic and classy on Asian men, especially paired with their natural black hair. Some styles that include curtain bangs and fringes are a great option because they frame the face and accentuate the facial features – what a fabulous combination!

88. Blonde Haircut

Blonde Haircut Source @4hairfashion via Instagram
Source: @4hairfashion via Instagram

So, who does it better, blondes or brunettes? Well, the answer most definitely is blondes! Dying your hair blonde is a great way to give yourself a more youthful appearance, as well as being sunkissed, even if you aren’t a beach-goer or a skater boy. Once you go blonde, you’ll never go back, not only because it looks flawless, but because it also breaks the bank if you don’t look after it properly! 

The Blonde look complements almost every style known to man, but it’s worth mentioning these select few styles that knock it out of the park, like The Wave, The Blonde Ivy League, and the Blonde Modern Quiff!

89. Bed Hair Haircut

Bed Hair Haircut Source @z_ramsey via Instagram
Source: @z_ramsey via Instagram

The world has these unspoken expectations to always be on our feet, hypervigilant, and constantly looking for the next best thing or how we could possibly improve our lives in every aspect – it’s exhausting! When life seems overwhelming, it’s great to find some tools to make our lives easier, like getting an easygoing hairstyle!

Nothing screams “low maintenance and stylish,” quite like the Bed Haircut; it is usually a short style made up of cowlicks, shaggy cuts, and misplaced sections of hair. Using waxes, gel mousses, and hairsprays can keep your hair looking “casually messy” the entire day.

90. Box Braids

Box Braids Source @queenofthesouth512 via Instagram
Source: @queenofthesouth512 via Instagram

Rediscover your masculinity by getting yourself some potent, bold box braids; they pack a punch and draw attention, that’s for sure! If you want your hair to be the center of attention, look no further because this is the style you should wear. Simply put, box braids are all about dividing your hair into sections and braiding them to form squares on your head, hence the term “box.”

Box braids are no stranger to being paired with other trendy styles like fades and undercuts, but did you know that you can also customize your braids with beads and jewels? 

91. Ceasar Cut

Ceasar Cut Source @hayden_cassidy via Instagram
Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Suppose you want to avoid getting a cut that will quickly go out of fashion, opt for a timeless style like the Ceasar and walk around confidently like that of a Roman Emperor. Let the cut speak for itself; there is a reason it is still popular today!

The Ceasar is a short style with horizontally straight-cut bangs – sounds simple, right? It’s perfect for the uncomplicated man searching for an uncomplicated look.

92. Jheri Curls

Long Afro Source @mattjbarbers via Instagram
Source: @mattjbarbers via Instagram

In simple terms, the Jheri Curls is a permed look and is most popular amongst African American men – it was a hit back in the 80s and is still a hit today if you make it so! The great thing about Jheri curls is that it encourages men to embrace their natural hair, making it easier to maintain as you don’t have to alter your hair that much.

To get the desired look of the soft, loose look of the Jheri curls, you’ll have to use a softening cream combined with a chemical solution to loosen your natural curls, then follow it with a perm!

93. Pretty Boy Haircut

Pretty Boy Haircut Source @javi_thebarber_ via Instagram
Source: @javi_thebarber_ via Instagram

Become the ultimate Casanova with this cut and style; I mean, the name speaks for itself! The cut consists of a long top and short flowing sides, this can require a bit more maintenance, but it is certainly worth it. 

You can turn the top piece into a man-bun if you have enough length, get a bold high-fade, pair it with a classic comb-over, or even slick it back while adding some texture with gel or mousse – it’s all up to you!

94. Classic Bob

Classic Bob Source popsugar.com
Source: popsugar.com

Males bobs are certainly back, and any man who decides to go for this enduring look with have women swept off their feet. Orlando Bloom? Yeah, he had a bob, and that says enough! You’ll need medium to longer-length hair to cut a Bob, as the cut is generally just above the shoulders.

Blonde highlights are always a game-changer when it comes to ramping up your bob; It’ll give you a beach-goer look with a sunkissed appearance, oh, and also an Orlando Bloom aura about you!

95. Blue Hair Styles

Blue Hair Styles Source @barber.moin via Instagram
Source: @barber.moin via Instagram

Jumping into the deep end and taking the risk to bleach and dye your hair a crazy colour (especially neon!) takes guts. Now, colours are one of the less common styles in today’s society, so if you want to be more unique, you should go for a colour that not many people are brave enough to get!

You can tap into your creative expression when choosing the best style to pair with your deep blue cut; a bald fade Edgar, an undercut, or even textured Broccoli would pair well with the colour!

96. Textured High And Tight With Hard Part

Source: @tombaxter_hair

This is one of those great short trims for men that always seems to work. It has military origins and its shortness means it’s workplace-appropriate and low-maintenance. The hard part, on the other hand, adds a statement element to this style that means you’ll always be turning heads when you step beyond the office’s bounds.

As you can see in this example, it also works great with off-the-wall hair colouring if you’re really looking to go loud and proud.

97. Brushed Waves

Source: @xbigwesx

This one is centred around a simple but devastatingly effective difference from your run-of-the-mill longer locks. Namely, rather than letting your longer haircut lie flat and lank, take a brush and push it upwards, injecting the hair with volume.

As this model has done, you can also choose to add a careful close shave around the ear, adding definition and even more lift to this luscious look.

98. Blonde Butch

A selfie of a man with a blonde butch cut.
Source: @sheffpavelstylist

The butch cut has been around for a while and is still one of the most popular very-short men’s haircuts going. However, this bleach blonde variation has really taken off in recent months, adding a statement pop to this men’s haircut classic.

Generally, we’d advise that you pair this look with a darker skin tone. Unless, of course, you’re going for the MGK gothic look, in which case bleach-blonde on pale skin can really complete the look.

99. High Top Afro

Image: Latest Hairstyles

Jude Bellingham has become more popular than ever following his move to Real Madrid CF (sorry if you’re not into football). And it looks like his hairstyle – the high-top afro with sponge curls and a low fade – is enjoying just as much fame. This hairstyle has always been around but never really in the global mainstream, but many people are now requesting the “Jude Bellingham” in barbershops all over.

What brings it together, though, is the precise hairline. So, if you can get that with your cut, you should!

100. Bleached Buzz Cut

Image: Gustave Fouche

The buzz cut is already very popular, but it doesn’t give much room for you to express your individuality, especially since it’s military-style. But with the bleached buzz, you can dye your short hair with different colours and patterns, helping you stand out in whatever room you walk into. 

Maintaining a bleached buzz will require visiting your barber or stylist every few weeks since the roots will become visible quickly. It’s also probably not the best choice if you have a corporate job.