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Popular Men’s Haircuts In 2021 To Give You A Brand New Look

The start of a new year is the perfect time to try out a new look, and 2021 is already supplying some of the greatest and hottest looks for men in terms of haircuts. Most of these haircuts continue to have medium to long hair on top with short undercuts and fade cuts to the sides.

While short haircuts remain the most popular trend, medium and long hairstyles are starting to pick up fast. Although most of these trendy hairstyles are not really new, they continue to offer an endless styling variation that makes them remain fresh and fashionable.

From classic hairstyles like the buzz cut, pompadour, and comb-over, to modern cuts like the quiff, faux hawks, and fringe, these are some of the most popular haircuts that every man should try this year.

How To Choose The Right Haircut

Getting the right haircut can be a bit of a challenge, especially for men. It is much more than going to the barber and saying, “Keep it short” or “I like it long.” Here’s the thing: Your hair type (and length), face shape, and lifestyle are some of the factors that you need to consider when picking a hairstyle.

A great haircut should complement your face by enhancing your best features and minimizing the less desirable ones. For example, if you have a big forehead, you want a hairstyle with a fringe that can either hide the forehead or make it less prominent. On the other hand, a guy with dark hair and blue eyes will benefit from a very tight haircut that makes the eyes pop.

To make things easier:

  1. Check online haircut galleries or celebrity pictures to pick the hairstyle you want.
  2. Make sure that the star or model has the same facial features and hair type as you.
  3. Print the image or save it on your phone and show it to your barber on your next visit.

But, even as you pick a haircut that works for your facial features and hair, you should also bring your profession into consideration. While the traditional workplace rules are more relaxed nowadays, you still don’t want to cross over the line.

Think of the image you want to portray to your clients, mostly if you work in a conservative environment. However, if your work environment is more creative, you are free to do as you please.

So, what men’s haircuts and hairstyles are proving popular right now? Check out the below styles for inspiration for your new look.

French Crop

Man with french crop haircut, long fringe

Stylish and timeless, the French Crop has managed to hold its position as one of the most popular haircuts for men. Featuring a cropped fringe and fades on the sides, this style offers an excellent option for guys who want to look elegant but don’t have the time to commit to styling and maintenance. The French Crop is also versatile and works for men with all face and hair types.

While the French Crop will work without any product or styling applied, you can work in a matte paste or some wax to give it a little bit of movement.

Quiff Haircut

David Beckham with textured quiff hairstyle.

Probably the most fashionable and sleek hairstyle choice for the style-savvy guy, the quiff requires extra length on top and short faded sides. The only challenge with this hairstyle comes with styling, which requires a little more time and patience.

However, if you are the guy with time on your hands, you’ll need a hairdryer and some styling products, such as pomade, wax, putty, or mousse. First, use your hairdryer to dry and provide some basic shape to the quiff, using a brush if you need help getting some height. Next, work some styling paste or wax into your hands and run them through the hair to help lock the quiff in place.

Finally, finish with a light spray of hairspray to ensure your quiff holds its shape all day long.

Pompadour Haircut

David Beckham with slick back pompadour.

With short sides and plenty of hair on top, the pompadour is the quiff’s sleeker version – and a favourite of David Beckham. However, the large volume of hair at the top (the pomp) makes it unique. Versatile and fashionable, the pompadour haircut can come in many forms featuring different types of fades and various hair lengths on top.

To style your pomp, you will need to apply your wax or pomade on damp hair, then comb all your hair back, gradually setting some volume at the top. Once you have your pomp, use a hairdryer it to keep it in shape and finish off with some hairspray.

Faux Hawk Haircut

Man with messy faux hawk hairstyle.

Another haircut that has made it to the new year as a popular option for men is the faux hawk hairstyle. Closely related to the mohawk, the faux hawk (aka fohawk) offers the mohawk’s edgy and trendy aspects without all the drama. Unlike the mohawk, which features shaved sides and a dramatic strip of hair that run in the middle of the head from front to the back, the fohawk has a more gradual transition between the long hair and the faded sides. A faux hawk is an excellent option for the fashion-forward man who wants to play up the punk weekends and look professional in the office.

Comb Over Haircut

Justin Timberlake with comb over hairstyle.

Simple and infinitely versatile, the comb-over just had to make it to this list of popular men’s haircuts in 2021. Contrary to what you’d think about the comb-over (maybe due to guys like Donald Trump), this hairstyle is pretty cool and offers more than a thousand ways to wear it. Whether you want a side part, a comb-over undercut, or a comb over fade, this flexible hairstyle will do it for you. The hairstyle works with any hair type, texture, or length.

Ivy League Haircut

Jake Gyllenhall with short Ivy League haircut.

If you are thinking, “All these hairstyles are great and all, but I just need something simple.” Well, how about the ivy league? Simple, straightforward, and polished, the Ivy League requires faded back and sides – or tapered at the very least – with a bit of length in front, which you can part to one side. This classic hairstyle is also easy to style and maintain.

Angular Fringe Hairstyle

Male model with sweeping fringe haircut

The Angular fringe is quickly gaining momentum as a popular choice for guys who want a youthful and stylish look. The hairstyle still borrows the “long top, short sides” concept, but the fringe is left hanging over the forehead, and it is cut at an angle to give texture. The haircut is ideal for guys with round faces and is also a great look to show off highlights.

Buzz Cut Fade Haircut

Zayn Malik with buzz cut fade haircut.

If you are the type of guy who likes little to no hair on your head, the buzz cut fade will work for you. Low-maintenance and straightforward, this classic hairstyle features very short hair with a fade on the sides and back. While the hairstyle requires no styling, you will need to get it trimmed after every two or three weeks to remain clean and fresh. However, the buzz cut is not ideal for all men; only the ones with oval, square, and long face shapes can pull it off.

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