Dan Bilzerian

With an estimated net worth of $200 million, 39-year-old Dan Bilzerian doesn't need to care what people think of him. The professional poker player turn 'Instagram King', is never far away from controversy, posting countless images of himself with a bevvy of women and weapons. He, therefore, probably isn't too bothered that he hasn't settled down with a singular girlfriend.

The son of a Wall Street corporate raider, he could be seen as having a relatively easy journey to the top, especially since he received, or has access too, a trust fund. However, there's no denying Dan Bilzerian has one of the best 'business brains' out there.

He knows how to get publicity, landing himself a brief cameo role in a movie (so is now referred to as an actor), and with several million dollars worth of poker winnings, he knows how to gamble too.

He's a constant source of news and intrigue, and we'd wager that those who aren't his biggest fans are just jealous of his wild playboy lifestyle.