Dan Bilzerian Goes Full Tony Stark With $20,000 A Night South African Home

Mansion attack!

Dan Bilzerian Goes Full Tony Stark With $20,000 A Night South African Home

Image Credit: Haute Retreats

Dan Bilzerian has always lived life like it was a movie. But now he’s taken it to the next level, renting out a house designed by Peerutin architects. The house is inspired by the work of John Lautner, whose homes built up and down the west coast of America (in the 70s ) have often served as the backdrops for movies, including Iron Man and James Bond.

Dan Bilzerian doesn’t do anything by half– including jet setting. Not long after he confirmed he was not a married man with a wild photo in Mykonos (which itself came after he trolled the internet with a so-called secret French wedding in July), he has now been spotted in South Africa kicking about in a pad Tony Stark inspired pad.

WATCH: Dan Bilzerian Shows Off ‘Tony Stark’ House

Bilzerian took to Instagram to share the house with his 33.5 million followers, with the dulcet tones of Frank Ocean ringing in the background. Showing off the magnificent pool views, he said: “Let’s just talk about this view real quick. My goodness. Oh Danny Boy you always do it proper.”

“They can say whatever they want but it’s always going to profit.”

Dan Bilzerian
Pengilly House, aka ‘Iron Man House,’ looking mighty fine. Left: Vacations Capetown, right: Haute Retreats

He also then shared, somewhat counterintuitively, a story about Buddhism, which claimed that “pleasure is not happiness” and that “what causes suffering is the constant seeking of pleasure.”

We can’t imagine Bilzerian seeking anything else but pleasure, however, in the above house, which can be rented out for $20,000 a night and which has a minimum 7-night stay. The house has six bedrooms, all with king beds, and is located on Nettleton Ridge, Clifton, Capetown. This is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Cape Town, if not the world. Its website says it makes guests feel like they are entering a world of Tony Stark mixed with James Bond.

Pengilly House, Capetown. Image Credit: The London Economic

The house is split into two wings, due to the large existing rock formations it is built on (this also has the added benefit of maximising the 270-degree views, the pad’s website claims). The lower levels feature a spacious garage, an indoor pool and an office, while the upper levels have two disc-shaped entertainment spaces with raked glass windows. The finishing and furnishing, meanwhile, bring to mind words like smoky glass, copper, Brazilian rosewood, white terrazzo and flamed Kalahari sandstone. There are two lifts in the home, and the two wings are connected via a glass-floored passage.

Malibu mansion attack! Source: Iron Man 3

The home advertises itself as a great place for city breaks, corporate retreats, food and wine collectors and Christmas and New Year holidays (not helicopter attacks). That being said, we wouldn’t put it past Bilzerian to somehow involve a helicopter in his exploits at some point over the next week…

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