Dan Bilzerian Married? Internet Reacts To Secret French Wedding

"I finally did it."

Dan Bilzerian has social media users speculating wildly, after posting a photo of himself and a partner walking down the aisle in The French Riviera.

Dan Bilzerian has taken a break from promoting his weed brand and showing off his rig in the Maldives to send the rumour mill into overdrive.

How so? He just posted a photo of himself and a partner walking down the aisle at a wedding in the south of France. The photo, which lacked any context beyond a ‘French Riviera’ geotag and the caption: “I finally did it,” sees Bilzerian wearing a suit and bowtie, strolling down the aisle with a woman in a green dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers.

Theories are currently running rampant, and they range from the mundane (“you finally wore pants?”) to the conspiratorial (see: “no way,” “lies” and “ain’t no way bruh”). Other Instagram users made remarks like “thank god, less competition” and “congratulations on going to a wedding.”

Rumour mill in overdrive… Images via Instagram

My take? Bilzerian’s probably at someone else’s wedding but enjoying the opportunity to spectacularly troll his 32.9 million Instagram followers. C’est la vie, I guess.

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