If Dan Bilzerian’s Pool Could Talk, Here Are The Stories It Would Tell

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If Dan Bilzerian’s Pool Could Talk, Here Are The Stories It Would Tell

Who said you needed a lake to wakeboard? Dan Bilzerian has been spotted frolicking around a pool (judging by his Ignite brand’s symbol in the background, it’s in his Las Vegas mansion) on a jetski, towing around a friend behind him on a wakeboard.

The video was posted to Instagram this morning by the account RKOI (Rich Kids Of Internet). Bilzerian’s Instagram stories currently place him away in a skyscraper somewhere, near a beach, so it’s not clear whether @rkoi’s video was taken recently or not.

Regardless, the video still shows, if you’re inventive enough, you can wakeboard without a lake – just be careful not to go clattering out the side of the pool and into the fence.

This isn’t the first time Bilzerian has made headlines in his pool. Back in 2020 videos emerged showing he even has a rock climbing wall on one side of it.

Other wild antics that appear to have occurred in Bilzerian’s pool are jetski backflips, steamy hot tub photoshoots and lavish lounge sessions. We imagine he’s mucked around with his guns at some point, poolside too.

He was also threatened with legal action by a porn star who he once threw off a roof into a pool as part of a stunt. The stunt went wrong leaving her with a broken foot (it’s also not clear if that was his pool).

Bilzerian also appears to enjoy fishing, with a fishing rod, when he enjoys hotel pools on holidays, as well as golfing near the edge of pools.

And who could forget the time he lost a motorbike to his pool.

All good preparation for when he takes his antics out into the wild, on lakes and in the ocean.

In other Dan Bilzerian related news, we recently explored how much it would cost to own a private jet like his, how his ‘mini Ferrari’ is now available to Australians and how he is so cavalier with money he accidentally bought the same US$310,000 Richard Mille watch twice.

Bilzerian also said he had needed to take a break from social media earlier this year, writing on Instagram: “More living, less posting.”

Speaking to InsideHook in January, Bilzerian said: “I just lived in the circus for so long that I kind of just — I really needed a break.”

“I feel like it’s like a video game that I beat five years ago and I’m tired of playing it.”

That said, he appears to be getting back to his old antics, if the latest wakeboarding video is to be believed.

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