Dan Bilzerian’s ‘Mini Ferrari’ Now Available To Australians

Good things come in small packages.

Dan Bilzerian’s ‘Mini Ferrari’ Now Available To Australians

Last year, we reported on how the so-called ‘King of Instagram’, Mr. Dan Bilzerian, had got his hands on a rather unusual new car: a pint-sized Ferrari roadster, that he looks particularly hilarious driving. What can we say, big man in a little car = instant comedy.

Turns out it wasn’t just some weird clown car. It’s actually called the Ferrari Testa Rossa J, it’s an official Ferrari product, and, as the name implies, it’s a 3/4-size replica of a 1957 250 Testa Rossa, one of the most successful and beautiful Ferrari sports cars ever made. And now you can get one in Australia if you’re so inclined.

Yesterday, Ferrari’s Australian Instagram account posted about the Testa Rossa J – a big hint that they’re now accepting Australian orders for the big (or little, as the case may be) boy’s toy. With fuel prices at an all-time high, getting one of these little legends might not be such a bad idea…

The Testa Rossa J is produced by British firm The Little Car Company, which as you may have guessed, specialises in scaled-down versions of rare classic cars. Constructed using original design drawings from Ferrari’s Classiche department and utilising the same process employed in historical models – hand-beaten aluminium bodywork – it’s no Barbie Jeep.

As Top Gear relates, “the paint and leather are the same stuff Ferrari uses on its road cars, the steering wheel is by Nardi, the brakes by Brembo, the tyres by Pirelli, the suspension (which was signed-off by proper Ferrari test drivers at Fiorano, no less) by Bilstein and the pedals are nicked from the F8 Tributo. You get handmade wire wheels as standard, but you can upgrade to proper Borranis if you like.”

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Powered by an electric motor, the Testa Rossa J makes around 12kW and has a top speed of 60km/h. With prices starting at around US$108,000 / AU$150,000 they’re hardly cheap (although much cheaper than buying a full-scale 250 TR, it must be said – a 250 TR sold for an incredible $US39.8 million back in 2014).

They’re only making 299 of the things, too – so if you want one, you better get in quick. Find out more at Ferrari’s dedicated microsite here.

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