Dan Bilzerian Confirms He Is Not A Married Man With Wild Mykonos Photo

"Europe will do that to you."

Dan Bilzerian Confirms He Is Not A Married Man With Wild Mykonos Photo

Image Credit: @danbilzerian

Dan Bilzerian has taken to Instagram to fat shame himself, and to confirm he is not a married man.

Dan Bilzerian was recently on holiday in Greece. While there, he took the opportunity to jokingly fat shame himself. While posing on a boat surrounded by an entourage, he wrote: “Not married but fat.”

This comes after Bilzerian trolled the Internet in July with a French wedding photo (he wrote: “I finally did it,” sparking wild speculation he had got married).

Though it turned out he did not tie the knot (in August he posted a video with the caption: “Marriage is a trap, stay single”), in case you were still wondering, he just put some even colder water on the wedding theories, posting the following image to Instagram.

“Not married but fat.” Credit: @danbilzerian

Bilzerian, who appears to be thoroughly enjoying Europe, captioned the image “not married but fat.” Though you might think this is proof even the most shredded men suffer from body image anxiety, we’d wager Bilzerian is joking.

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Popular comments on Bilzerian’s photo ranged from: “Power Rangers 2022” to “Fatten up and enjoy! We can melt it off after SA! Damn I need me some Mykonos!”

“Europe will do that to you….”

Instagram user @billperkins

“Thanks for the invite,” another follower quipped, while yet another said: “how that credit score?” 

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Bilzerian was also seen recently filling a whole pool with ice, making for one of the biggest ice baths we’ve ever seen (and with one of the best views to boot).

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Such is the life of an Instagram influencer in 2022.

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