Dan Bilzerian Jumps Aboard The Ice Bath Fitness Trend

Fancy a 'full brain reset'? Try this.

Dan Bilzerian Jumps Aboard The Ice Bath Fitness Trend

International playboy and entrepreneur Dan Bilzerian is someone who throws himself into pretty much anything. Previously revealing he only spends time “doing the things [he] wants to do”, we can certainly understand how he can be an attractive Instagram follow for many.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Dan shared a photo of himself in an ice bath overlooking the ocean. Bilzerian captioned the post, “If you have brain fog from smoking too much weed, an ice bath will clear your mind and give you a full reset.”

He posted the photo on his Ignite International Instagram account. Ignite International claims to be the first premium global cannabis brand in the world.

While we’re not qualified to comment on the health benefits and drawbacks of the marijuana element (stay tuned for a professional’s opinion), ice baths are becoming an increasingly popular way to activate your senses and improve your mental fortitude, with many celebrities and athletes getting in on the trend.

Gone are the days of this practice being limited to rugby teams pouring ice cubes into wheelie bins – now there is a range of fabulous (and quite expensive) gadgets to get your chill on.

Despite not explicitly claiming to have smoked ‘Mary Jane’ before jumping in the above ice bath, Bilzerian has previously posted an image of himself smoking whilst in the gym, during a weights session, captioning it: “iron and soul.”

Cannabis can allow you to relax and put yourself in a zen state of mind, which Dan likely uses to his advantage to help him zone out of daily life and just focus on the task at hand (tough job, bathing in ice).

Smoking any substance remains harmful to your lungs. Read more about the risks, drawbacks and benefits of cannabis here (essentially: it depends on your constitution, how you consume it, and how often, as well as your goals).

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan has also recently had a crack at ice baths (see below).

Watch Joe Rogan hit the 20 minute mark for the first time in an ice bath…

Ice baths have been adopted by many around the world, with athletes in particular opting for some spine-tingling submersion in order to aid recovery. The ‘Iceman’ himself Wim Hof speaks regularly about the benefits of cold water, as it quite literally forces you to regulate your breathing, which can in turn help you to become more mindful and mentally aware, resulting in far healthier wellbeing.

Athletes claim it helps their muscles recover too, and Kevin Hart is one man who champions them, creating an entire YouTube series dedicated to interviewing athletes and celebrities whilst submerged in icy cold water.

Naturally, putting yourself into a bath of ice isn’t for the faint hearted, and you need to be mentally and physically prepared before you attempt it. It’s also wise to start off spending just short periods of time in the water, unlike Joe Rogan, who threw himself into a full 20 minutes of submersion and found himself freezing for hours once he got out.

Exposing your body to such extreme cold temperatures brings with it the risk of “afterdrop” – a potentially deadly phenomenon, which occurs after exiting freezing cold water. Healthline does add that there isn’t necessarily any concrete evidence to support the idea that ice baths are any better with helping your muscles recover, compared to say, a low-intensity 10-minute ride on an exercise bike.

Anecdotal evidence suggests it can work wonders, however, if you are already healthy enough to start doing it without major risks, and if you build up your tolerance slowly and under professional guidance.

Watch Wim Hof and Seaspiracy Director Ali Tabrizi discuss the benefits of exposing yourself to discomfort more often in the video below

As with any health-related fitness advice, consult a professional if you’re unsure about trying something new. Do everything in moderation and if you’re really nervous about trying something, ensure you have someone on hand to help you out should you get into any nasty situations.

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