Dan Bilzerian Is Cruising Around With A Jetpack

Stark raving bonkers...

Dan Bilzerian Is Cruising Around With A Jetpack

“Never go full Tony Stark” might be good advice. But Dan Bilzerian isn’t really one for conventional wisdom. To that (hopefully not grisly) end, Bilzerian appears to have traded his private jet (at least temporarily) for a jetpack, preparing to blast off Tony Stark style in a recent video…

Guns. Weed. Muscles. Clown cars. Poker. Dan Bilzerian is known for many things, but he’s never been a superhero in a Marvel movie. Though his cinematic debut may still be a long way off, his life may as well be a movie. And The Instagram Capitalist appears to be living more and more like Tony Stark. Not only did he recently stay in a Tony Stark esque $20,000 a night home, but he now appears to have got his mitts on a jetpack.

Bilzerian shared a video with his followers recently, showing them a video of himself walking around with a bizarre kind of contraption strapped to his arms, which appears capable of pushing out air, enabling the user to hover around like an ungainly bird. Bilzerian then posted a follow-up video of a figure actually doing the jetpack antics, with a private jet in the background, though it is not evident whether it is him or somebody else.

WATCH: Dan Bilzerian’s Wild ‘Jetpack’ Experiment

In other Bilzerian news, the self-styled playboy recently spoke with Youtuber Adam22, where he revealed the one thing he hasn’t yet ticket off his bucket list.

Adam22 asked Bilzerian: “When I look at your life, you’ve pretty much done all that you can do. What are the things that stand out to you [and that you] really wanna tick off?”

Bilzerian replied: “I want to become a billionaire. That’s the last real thing on my bucket list.”

Bilzerian added: “It’s not really about the money, because in fact I’ll probably just give most of it away.”

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“Or maybe I’ll even downgrade [my life]. Actually that was one of the things I wanted to do if I became a billionaire – go work at Walmart for like six months, live in a s***ty apartment and just like completely reset.”

“I’ve been meaning to do that for a while. That’s kind of the last mountain that I want to climb.”

Well, that’s not the answer you might have expected, but there you go.

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