Dan Bilzerian, Modern Gandhi, Reveals His Secret To A Happy Life

"What do neuroscience, Buddhism, Taoism and Stoicism all have in common?"

Dan Bilzerian, Modern Gandhi, Reveals His Secret To A Happy Life

Dan Bilzerian, one of the world’s most famous hedonists, has taken to Instagram to tell his followers that happiness is free and “pleasure is expensive.”

‘American Buddha’ Dan Bilzerian may be fat and happy (and, as he revealed recently, very much not married) but he’s also a philosopher. He recently took to Instagram to share an unlikely warning with his 33.5 million followers, the bulk of which, we’d suggest, follow him for photos of his lavish lifestyle.

Bilzerian took to Instagram – that platform that has wrought him so much financial success and Internet fame – to suggest that pleasure may not lead to happiness. Accompanied by a video of his latest exploits (eating dinner while a woman in a leather bikini sits in front of him on a table, partying in a hot tub, taking gym selfies and so on) Bilzerian wrote: “Happiness is free. Pleasure is expensive.”

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Following onto that, to the tune of 1,359 likes, and in response to the question “how expensive?” Bilzerian wrote: “might cost you your soul.” Other comments on the post included the goat emoji, “pleasure is pretty close to free if you can write it off” and “this mans never had a genuine day in his life.”

Another commenter wrote: “what can truly make you happy after having all that? weird to think about. you keep reaching for happiness until you’ve bought everything you can think of.”

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This isn’t the first time lately the former professional gambler (who once said “my self indulgence knows no bounds”) has got all deep. Last week he reposted a video by yoga teacher Nicole Bhakti that read: “What do neuroscience, Buddhism, Taoism and Stoicism all have in common? They all figured out that pleasure is not happiness.”

“In buddhism it is said that what keeps us suffering is the constant seeking of pleasure, and from a neurobiological perspective, this is true,” the video went on to claim.

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Neither Bilzerian nor ourselves are neuroscientists so we’ll leave you to ponder that one for yourselves. Happy thinking – and if you’d like to learn how to feel a little more grounded, check out some of our recent mental health articles like hangxiety: why you feel anxious after drinking or how to ask your boss for a mental health day.

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