Dan Bilzerian Shares Stark(ers) Warning About Smoking Weed

"Weed is addictive and it makes you slow, but it’s good for f***ing."

Dan Bilzerian Shares Stark(ers) Warning About Smoking Weed

Dan Bilzerian has issued a stark(ers) warning about smoking weed to his followers. He says it has one great aspect, but that it’s addictive and makes you slow…

Dan Bilzerian, the man who makes a living partially from Instagram, and partially from spruiking a weed brand, has now taken a break from testing jetpacks to share a warning about weed.

“Weed is addictive and it makes you slow, but it’s good for f***ing,” he told his 33.6 million followers, recently.

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The warning/advocation was met with remarks from followers like: “Words of freakin wisdom!!” and “I bet you can’t quit.”

Another simply wrote: “Yep.”

One other got all agora, writing: “Bro you getting old, one day you gonna die. Which path do you choose ? Heaven or hell !!!!!”

This isn’t the first time Bilzerian, modern Gandhi, has given his followers life advice. He recently said: “Happiness is free. Pleasure is expensive.”

Following onto that, responding to the question “how expensive?” Bilzerian wrote: “might cost you your soul.”

It’s also not the first time Bilzerian has featured the green stuff on his Instagram. As far back as 2018, he took a photo of himself holding a joint while working out, captioning it: “Iron and soul.”

DMARGE put some questions to some fitness professionals about the risks and benefits of smoking weed before a workout (inspired by both this andJoe Rogan’s personal revelations that “it’s a psychedelic experience…hitting the bag with you’re high”).

David McIntosh, founder of the Synergy Performance Institute, told DMARGE, “The findings were not favourable for things like strength training or aerobic performance.”

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Veronika Larisova, co-founder of Chief Bar, however, told us that the placebo effect could maybe impact you positively, theorising: “Endurance athletes ran faster when they are told they were given coffee. There’s plenty of research on placebo and athletic performance. Clearly, Joe likes weed so he convinced himself it makes him train better.”

Cannabis for contemplation.

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