Dan Bilzerian Reveals Salt Bae’s ‘F*cking Goofball’ DMs On Instagram


Salt Bae is getting lambasted online for his persistent efforts to get a photo with Messi during Argentina’s World Cup celebrations. Now Dan Bilzerian has jumped on the bandwagon, saying he has known Salt Bae was “weird” for years…

Dan Bilzerian has jumped on the Salt Bae take down trend, taking to Instagram to write: “Everyone talking about how weird this Salt Bae is, I been knowing that for years.”

He then showed a bunch of unrequited photos Salt Bae had sent him via direct message on Instagram over the years – and there were a lot of them. “What a fucking goofball,” Bilzerian added.

WATCH: Dan Bilzerian calls Salt Bae a ‘f*cking goofball’

In case you hadn’t heard, Salt Bae tried to get a photo with Messi after yesterday’s World Cup final. He appeared to have been shaken off twice, but ultimately got his handshake and photo.

Salt Bae was critiqued online for his actions, with one Messi fan accusing him of stealing the moment (“Shame on you to interrupt such a special Moment only because of your ill ego”) and another writing: “This guy‘s [a] tool. Messi ignored him at least 3 times.”

Some allege Salt Bae actually broke FIFA rules. The Daily Mail reports: “The infamous chef remained on the pitch among the celebrating Argentinian players and contravened FIFA’s strict rules on who may touch the World Cup trophy.”

According to The Daily Mail, FIFA has strict rules about the trophy, with their website stipulating that it “can only be touched and held by a very select group of people, which includes former winners of the Fifa World Cup and heads of state.”

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