Salt Bae Sets Staggering Restaurant Record In Qatar

Not a bad day's work...

Salt Bae Sets Staggering Restaurant Record In Qatar

Prolific restauranteur Salt Bae has set a wild new record. On Sunday he served 1,356 people at his restaurant in Doha.

The Qatar World Cup is doing Salt Bae’s bottom line wonders. How so? On Sunday, Salt Bae’s Doha restaurant cooked up an absolute storm, with 1,356 people having a chomp at the Doha digs – a record-breaking number for the joint.

WATCH: Salt Bae cooks up a feat for World Cup fans

“1,356 people were served at the restaurant in Doha on Sunday. Here is a new record, thank you all,” Salt Bae wrote at 01:48am.

If people spent an average of $250 per head, the restaurant would have earned 339 thousand bucks in one night. Not a bad innings at all.

Image Credit: @nusr_et

Videos posted to Salt Bae’s Instagram story show him preparing his signature meat dishes, while long lines of people queued up to get into the Doha restaurant. Other videos showed World Cup fans passionately eating and talking inside, wearing all sorts of costumes.

Image Credit: @nusr_et

In other Salt Bae news, the Turkish titan has recently been snapped with Piers Morgan, “realized that we should open a new @nusr_et Restaurant in Mexico” and hosted the Spanish national soccer team.

Just another week in the life of Salt Bae. The 39-year-old is certainly a whole lot more than a meme these days.

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