Dubai Restaurant’s $1,000 Gold Steak Is Even More Ridiculous Than Salt Bae’s

"When your entire existence is for the gram."

Dubai Restaurant’s $1,000 Gold Steak Is Even More Ridiculous Than Salt Bae’s

Image Credit: @itstrevz

There is a restaurant in Dubai that will serve you a $1,000 gold steak, which is even more outlandish in presentation than Salt Bae’s famous gold-covered tomahawk.

You may think Salt Bae has a monopoly on ridiculous rumps, but you’d be wrong. There are plenty of restaurants in the world willing to charge you a premium for steak. Enter: Rhain. Rhain is a Dubai steakhouse with an open kitchen, a charcoal grill a wide meat display and a walk in wine cellar. It’s one of the newest and best steakhouses in the last of desert and skyscrapers. It served a huge selection of wet and dry aged meats from all over the world, including Wagyu beef and A5 Kobe beef.

It also has fresh seafood and highly indulgent sides. Speaking of indulgence, it also has a certain steak offering that is currently blowing minds all over the world. This particular experience is currently doing the rounds on social media, with sportsperson Trevaun Alexander John’s clip having been reposted by comedy and culture account @memezar, where it has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

WATCH: A $1,000 Steak Gets Served At Rhain

The video shows a steak covered in edible gold leaf being brought out to diners by staff in army uniforms (pointing their guns around the restaurant as they go), inside a case with a black exterior and a gold-coloured interior. The case is then opened with a great huff of smoke by a man with an apron and a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

Despite the drama (or perhaps because of it), many Instagram users were unimpressed. Social media user @toyiins wrote: “That steak better be tap dancing on the table for that price.”

Instagram user @gracee_michellee said: “It’s more funny than luxurious.”

Others, like @sparkfeast_in, accused those ordering of “Only [doing so] for social media validation.”

“For $1000 I want the voice actor of Captain Price to come out and say, ‘enjoy your meal mate,'” said Instagram user @__kai23___.

“Steak 30$ and gold 30$ = 60$ Yes, it worth it,” said @zarkotox, sarcastically. Though unconfirmed, one Reddit commenter wrote: “The edible gold is under a dollar for a sheet.”

@floss1e._ wasted fewer words, writing: “That’s so embarrassing.” Further remarks from the commentariat included: “what in the call of [sic] dutry is going on,” “f***ing cringe” and “when your entire existence is for the gram.”

Some Internet souls did come to the defence of the steak (and those who order it). “I guess they’re lucky enough to get at least a show,” @menii_0390 wrote. “In other places you pay the same or more and get nothing interesting, I’m not justifying the price, but those are rich people restaurants. For us normal people its never going to make sense if it costs more than 50$.”

Not everyone agreed with this though, with @moritz_dunker writing: “that‘s not a rich people restaurant… This is a restaurant to feel rich.”

“This is embarassing and if you except [sic] a whole show for eating expensive then you‘re a kid that wants to be entertained while eating. If i go to good places i want to be left alone to enjoy my meal that an exellent cook prepared for me! You‘ll never see these kind of shows in michelin star restaurants.”

Instagram user @moritz_dunker

There you have it. The people of Instagram have spoken. Probably wildly overpriced, but then again, that’s kind of the whole point…

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