The Complete Guide For The Taper Fade Haircut For Men

When it comes to short hairstyles, and haircuts for men on the whole, you’d be forgiven for thinking the minefield of cuts would be pretty simple to navigate, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Despite a lack of length when concerning men’s short haircuts, there is actually a myriad of options to choose from. One of the most common and popular men’s short hairstyle is the fade.

Adopted round the world, fade haircuts for men combine style and sleekness into one manageable haircut.

However, the fade could be a little too drastic for some men, and so to get obtain a similar result without showing as much skin around the head, the taper fade haircut is here to save the day. A taper fade is essentially a combination of a taper haircut and a fade haircut.

Taper, by its very definition, means to gradually get smaller towards one end, or as is the case with haircuts, to gradually get shorter. If you’re someone who likes to keep some length on top of their head, but can’t tolerate longer hair around the sides of the head, the taper fade could be your saviour.

What’s The Difference Between A Taper & A Fade?

So, which one wins in the taper vs fade debate? Well, whereas a fade haircut will fade the hair all around the headline at the same level, a taper fade, generally, only concerns the hair on the sides of the head, over the ears (although will also extend to the neckline so as not to be completely out of proportion). It’s an incredibly versatile haircut too, as you can choose whether or not you have your hair cut down to skin level (something that is far more common with regular fade haircuts), and you get to decide how long you leave the hair on top.

The taper fade differs from the classic taper in that, with the latter, the hair is generally kept at a similar length around the sides, although may get ever so slightly shorter as it approaches the ears. A taper fade will see a more gradual change as you move down to the ears and neckline.

What Are The Best Taper Fade Haircuts For Men?

But of course, within the taper fade hairstyle, there are several variations from which to choose from, and your face shape or hair type may dictate which one is best for you. And so, to help you through the dizzying world of taper fade haircuts, we’ve compiled together a list of some of the most popular options, complete with images so you have something to take to your barber with you next time you need a cut.

Taper Fade Haircut FAQ

What is the difference between a taper, a fade and a taper fade?

A taper and a fade can be easily distinguished. A taper hairstyle will see the hair on the sides of the head gradually get shorter as it gets closer to the ears, but doesn't have to expose skin. A fade will have a more distinct line and contrast between the longer hair and the faded hair. A taper fade is essentially a combination of the two, where the hair gets shorter to the point it fades to skin level.

Should I get a taper fade haircut?

A taper fade haircut is a great option for men with virtually all face shapes because of its versatility. The length and starting point of the fading section can be adjusted according to your face and hair type, so there will definitely be a style to suit you.

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