14 Best Hairstyles For Men With Big Foreheads

Learn the industry secrets and get yourself a haircut to cover up that big forehead of yours.

It’s no secret that all men – and humans as a whole – are unique. We each rock different facial features that make us unique. But for some men, they’re dealt the unfortunate hand of a big forehead. Some men are either born with one, while some others have theirs revealed in later life as their hairline recedes. Either way, it can cause some guys great issues, and so they’ll do everything in their power to cover it up.

The easiest way for men with big foreheads to cover up their excess facial real estate is by taking advantage of the hair on their heads. However, some men may think their hairstyle options are limited – this can be true for men with receding hairlines, unfortunately – but the opposite couldn’t be more true. As barbers improve their skillsets and hairstyle trends regularly change, men with big foreheads actually have a huge choice when it comes to suitable haircuts.

Celebrities such Ryan Reynolds, Adam Levine, and Aaron Paul all fall into the camp of men with big foreheads, and know only too well the struggle of having to make some hairstyle changes in order to counterbalance their facial proportions.

How Do You Style A Big Forehead Haircut At Home?

Guys with big foreheads will want to hide it, disguise it, or draw attention away from it. You can do this by covering yours with a fringe or brushing your hair out and away from it. Experiment with various styles to find one that you feel more comfortable and confident with.

When it comes to styling and maintenance, always ensure that your hair is clean and the products are well-suited for your hair type (you wouldn’t want to gain a dry, flaky scalp to go with a big forehead, would you?).

If your hair is straight, you can style it using almost any product. You should only need to worry about the hold and shine you want. As a general rule, high-shine pomade is probably best avoided, as this product is often associated with slicked back or side-part hairstyles, both of which move the hair away from your forehead, which will only serve to accentuate it.

Instead, you’ll want to invest in a quality matte-effect styling paste or something similar. These products can be used to style great looking French crops and Caesar haircuts, which incorporate fringes, a big forehead’s best friend.

If you have curls, you can leave it alone for a natural look, as the natural weight and volume will draw attention away from your forehead. You could also experiment with styling creams for a little control of the shape. You might also add a mousse for texture, definition, and a healthy appearance.

For those with thick hair, a pomade or clay is your best friend. On the other hand, thin hair requires a lighter, water-based styling product such as a gel, cream, lotion, mousse, or hair spray.

Consider your face shape and hair type when deciding how to cover up your forehead. Some haircuts may not be as flattering. Talk to your barber to get the one that works for you. But, for a little bit of help, here are a few hairstyles that will work best.

Buzz Cut

Justin Bieber with buzz cut hair cut, black and white

The buzz cut is a short, low-maintenance, military-style haircut that is created by buzzing your head using electric clippers. This stylish hairstyle is great for men with big foreheads and oval face shapes because it essentially removes all hair from your head, leaving you practically bald. It also allows you to define your hairline and leave a short fringe. You do not need to use any styling products with this haircut.

Caesar Cut

Post Malone wearing leather biker jacket and with Caesar haircut.

Named after Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, the Caesar haircut is a short, lightly textured hairstyle with a fringe that hides a part of the forehead. It is one of the most versatile hairstyles and suits men with all hair types and face shapes.

French Crop

Man with French Crop haircut, black hair

The French crop is kept short at the back and sides with a cropped fringe brushed forward. Also known as a crop top haircut, it is low-maintenance and looks good on men with large foreheads. The main feature of the French crop, the front portion, can be worn long and brushed down. Alternatively, the fringe can be cut short, but make sure the back and sides are cut to a shorter length to help frame your face as best as possible.

Crew Cut

Zac Efron with crew cut haircut

The crew cut is one of those hairstyles that remains timeless. It’s neat, minimalist, and suits most face shapes. The hair at the top and front is a little longer than the sides, making it ideal for men with excess facial real estate because it takes the focus away from the hairline. You can style the hair brushed up or add some styling gel for texture.

Brushed Up

Man with brushed up haircut with faded sides.

Trendy and hot, brushed up hairstyles offer high volume that makes the forehead appear smaller by elongating the face. If you want to achieve this hairstyle, your hair should be medium-length or longer. You can then brush your hair upwards, forward, or backward.

Short And Messy

Zac Efron with short and messy haircut.

If you are ok with your fivehead and do not feel the need to hide it, try out this cool ‘just got out of bed’ look. Short and messy hairstyles use texture to create a youthful and unique tousled finish. The movement and direction of the hair keep the focus away from the forehead.

Side Part

Man wearing glasses with side-part haircut.

As its name implies, this classy and trendy hairstyle requires your hair to be parted on one side. It is a favourite businessman haircut. The side part can have a fade or undercut on the sides, and long, medium, or short hair at the top. For a strongly defined part, ask your barber to give you a hard part.

Bowl Cut

Man with bowl cut haircut, black and white.

Also called the mushroom cut, the bowl cut is a simple haircut that fixes all forehead issues. The hairstyle, which dates back to the 12th and 15th centuries, was achieved using a bowl as a guide to cut hair.

Bowl cut involves a full and straight fringe that extends back around the head. For a fresh and modern touch, pair it with an undercut or taper fade.

Spiky Hairstyle

Man with facial hair and short, spiky haircut with faded sides.

Spiky hairstyles can also be a good option for guys with generously-sized foreheads, as they see short to medium-length hair on top being styled up in spikes, which helps to elongate the face, drawing attentionupwards. This illusion will work best for guys with hair that is full and thick.

Blowout Fade

Man with blowout fade haircut and facial hair.

The blowout fade haircut is a cool and common variation of standard blowout haircuts. To achieve a blowout, the hair needs to be styled in a similar way to the pompadour: pushed back and then up. This particular variation sees the sides shaved in a graduated fade, resulting in more focus being placed on the hair on top and less attention given to the forehead.

Clean Shave

The Rock with no hair, smiling at camera.

Similar to the buzz cut, a clean shave is a straightforward solution to a large forehead. Why keep worrying about a hairline when you can get rid of it. This will also work for men who have thin hair or bald spots. Grow a full beard or moustache to draw the eyes down. If you wear glasses, this can also be a good look for you.


Man with face tattoos and short fringe haircut.

A fringe cut is a great look whereby a section of hair is cut and styled over the front hairline. The look is ideal for men with a large forehead and medium to long hair, as it hides part or all of the forehead. The fringe cut can work with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Short Pompadour

Man with facial hair and short pompadour haircut.

The short pompadour haircut features shorter hair on the back and side and longer hair at the top, although, not as long as a fully-fledged pompadour (the kind you’d see Elvis Presley rocking). Compared to its longer cousin, the short pompadour offers a neater, stylish and more streamlined hairstyle that looks good on men with large foreheads because it shifts attention upwards.

Comb Over

Justin Timberlake with comb over haircut.

A comb-over haircut is a classic cut that is perfect for men with large foreheads. The hair is left long at the top and brushed over the hairline, making the forehead appear smaller. To get a more contemporary look, add a fade into the mix, or even combine it with a side-part. You can get a low-fade, mid-fade, or high-fade, but your overall face shape will help determine which one works best for you.