Best Thick Hair Hairstyles For Men

Get your locks under control with these essential haircuts and hairstyles for thick hair.

Thick Hairstyles Men

Welcome to the jungle. If that’s a line your barber regularly utters before they mow down the clumps of luscious locks you call hair then you’re in luck.

Today we’re taking a look at the best hairstyles for men who have been blessed with thick hair with the help of an expert.

As much as thick hair gets a bad wrap for being unruly and extremely hard to style these days, it’s not all bad according to Renée Baltov of Sydney’s Barberhood.

It’s simply about knowing the right approach to hairstyling technique to tame those heavy locks into a style that you’re happy with.

These are the thick hairstyles men need to know today.

Having thick hair doesn’t need to mean you’re limited to just one or two boring styles – usually the crew cut or a messy grunge look. There’s a spectrum of styles men can opt for but Baltov does recommend going for longer hairstyles.

“It looks amazing with thick hair but they need to be cut right,” she says.

“Barbers use different techniques for thick haircuts. The first step is thinning it out and then we’d recommend different hair products since thick hair is naturally hard to keep in place.”

To ensure your chosen cut doesn’t retain the heavy look, make sure your barber spends the time to really thin out the thick strands to give the style an overall primped look.

The style you choose can range from those you see in the gallery above, from short fade to mid length to the slicked back look which blends in with your beard.

As an aside, Baltov notes that men who get it cut by a barber and go home for a wash to find that it’s not sitting right should go back for a fix immediately.

“Don’t wait a week or two because it will just be like getting another haircut. Especially for thicker hair which tends to grow faster.”

Are Shorter Styles Possible?

Absolutely. Thick hair that isn’t cut or thinned out properly will make a man look like a porcupine – just short hair that protrudes in all directions. Over applying product is what men normally do to combat this but this isn’t a solution either as it results in the heavy grease man look, hence giving thicker hair a bad wrap of being unruly and difficult to manage.

“It’s thicker so it’ll just take a bit longer to do a cut,” says Baltov. “A fade or razor fade is the same technique as someone with thinner hair but it just takes longer time.”

So don’t be deterred by going for your favourite cut. Go to the right place and use the right strong hold products for thick hair.

Be The Blow Dry King

We know it’s not exactly on your priority list, but it’s imperative that men with thick hair who want to style it right understand how to blow dry.

Baltov says that men should start by investing in a good blow dryer.

“Good barbers will get their clients to hold the blow dryer to blow their own hair. It’ll help you learn how to keep it all in place later on when you’re on your own.”

The long and messy hair look can be achieved through blow drying whilst the rockabilly or high sheen pompadours can be achieved with strong hold matte or high shine hair products.

Styles To Avoid With Thick Hair

There’s no real style that thick haired men should avoid. If the haircut looks ridiculous, it’s more so to do with the barber’s skill than the thickness of your hair.

As such, Baltov says that men should actually avoid long styles that aren’t thinned out properly. “It can look messy. And keep it clean as long thick hair can show more oil and grease than thinner hair.”

Invest in good products and wash regularly and you’ll be on your way to thick-haired glory.

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