Men’s Long Hairstyles That Will Give You Follicular Envy

Utah, go long!

Before you start thinking men’s long hairstyles are just for ‘girly guys’ or struggling artists and musicians, it’s time to take a long hard look at yourself. We’re living in the 21st-century, which means the lines between masculinity and femininity are blurred and long hair for men is far more acceptable. Hell, it’s even considered stylish.

Many high-profile celebrities have dabbled with long hairstyles at some point in their career – think Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and Brad Pitt.

What To Ask Your Barber

If you already possess long hair, then you won’t need to make as many visits to a barber compared to someone with a short haircut. Keeping long hair in good condition is still a must, however, but try and avoid using shampoo on a regular basis and let it dry naturally as often as you can; using the hairdryer regularly will cause it to dry out and become damaged.

If you think a long hairstyle is for you, however, then you’ll need plenty of patience while you wait for it to grow. Remember that your face shape will determine the long hairstyles that will look best on you, so try and find inspiration images online.

We’ve rounded up a few of the most popular long hairstyles for men, with an extended gallery at the bottom of the page.

Man Bun

Men's long hairstyles - Man Bun
A favourite long hairstyle for hipsters, the man bun is a great option for those with shoulder-length hair to keep it out the way of their face and under control.

Ah yes, the ubiquitous man bun. It exploded in popularity a few years ago but is slowly dying out – mainly due to the ‘wrong’ type of guy adopting it. How you tie yours can influence how you come across to others, so we’d suggest aiming for a man bun/ponytail mash-up for a cooler look than the hipster-adored top-knot.


Men's long hairstyles - Mullet
Popularised in Australia, the mullet is a long haircut that can be styled in numerous ways, depending on how daring you’re willing to be.

Business at the front, party at the back is what this hairstyle is all about. Definitely a much-loved long hairstyle in Australia, the mullet is slowly but surely becoming popular across the world. You don’t need to go as drastic as some daring mullet-wearers, as modern versions simply ask for greater length at the back than the front.

Long, Wavy Hair

Men's long hairstyles - Long and wavy
While you might never be Harry Styles, you can get yourself similar hair by leaving it to grow out and let nature do its thing. A small amount of styling product is all that’s needed.

One of the more popular ways of wearing long hair in recent years is the long and wavy look. When hair grows longer it tends to naturally curl anyway – unless you’re forever destined to have straight locks – so you should take advantage of it. This also means you won’t need to apply much product aside from a small amount of styling mousse scrunched into damp hair.


Men's long hairstyles - Mid-length
A safe option for anyone wishing to grow their hair out, the mid-length is a fuss-free, low-maintenance style that suits a variety of face shapes.

Long hair on a man doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to go past the shoulders. With the majority of men adopting short hairstyles, ‘long’ can effectively mean anything that goes past the ear. A perfect ‘entry-level’ long hairstyle for men is the mid-length. With some weight taken out by your barber, the mid-length hairstyle can flow well and doesn’t require much maintenance save from a small amount of styling mousse.


Men's long hairstyles - Curls
No matter the length of your long hair, if it has curls, it’s sure to look good.

Curls, as they say, get the girls, and longer hair lends itself to being a champion of the curled look, whether your hair is just past your ears, a mid-length, or halfway down your back. Curly long hair is only best suited to guys who grow curly hair naturally, as you don’t want to be using curlers every morning to achieve your look.

A great option for long hair newbies is to keep it longer on top, but have the sides tidied up and kept shorter, resulting in a layered look that is full of texture.

Long Side-Part

Men's long hairstyles - Side-part
A sophisticated, mature long hairstyle is the side-part. Long and natural and tucked behind the ears, it’s a perfect hairstyle for those who also rock a solid beard.

Some may call it a side-part, others may call it a side swipe, either way, it looks great. Just as the side-part looks great when cut short, it also has its place in longer hairstyles. In similar fashion to the short side-part hairstyle, the longer counterpart sees one side of the hair drop naturally, while the other needs to be combed over the head and down the other side and tucked behind the ear to keep it under control.

Slick Back

Men's long hairstyles - Slick Back
A perfect option for formal events, the slick back not only keeps your long hair under control, but gives it an added touch of sophistication.

Popularised by the likes of Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington, the slick back hairstyle for men can be a great option for formal events. Suitable for both straight and curly hair types, the slick back is a great way to keep your hair under control, while still looking a million dollars.

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