10 Best Curtain Haircuts For Men Right Now

The curtain haircut is incredibly underrated, here are the best ways to rock it.

10 Best Curtain Haircuts For Men Right Now

As with everything else in fashion, hairstyles come and go with regards to popularity and one of the latest trends that is back in a big way is the curtain hairstyle. Defined by its prominent middle parting and a long fringe that falls over the forehead just like a pair of curtains, it represents peak ’90s style – think Johnny Depp or David Beckham, or even modern-day Keanu Reeves and you’ll soon get the idea.

Today, while that same look is very much the epitome of the curtains, it is now possible to have a side parting and to achieve the same look. And if you really want, you can even pair the curtains look with something like an undercut, or even a fade.

What makes the curtain look so good is that it works with various hair types – straight, curly, Asian – and can be used with or without styling products. For an authentic 90s look, you’ll want something that gives a high shine.

How To Get A Curtain Haircut?

A prerequisite for the curtains is long hair. Without it, you can’t part it down the middle and have it fall down the front of your face. When we say long, we mean a good 4 – 6 inches minimum.

For the best effect, you’ll want to have the back and sides cut – whether it be an undercut, a fade or any variation of – to give the curtains pride of place, but you can pair it with longer sides for a laidback look.

The beauty of the curtains is that it can be used to quite literally frame your face, similar to the curtains of a theatre stage. It’s because of this effect that it works with all hair types, whether it be curly, wavey, straight or fine, and the majority of face shapes.

Got a round head? Employ a side-part hairstyle with your curtains, and grow the hair out so that you can tuck it behind your ears if necessary, to help elongate the face. Have a more rectangular-shaped head? You have the option of keeping it short or top or having the hair cut to around cheekbone length.

What you will want to try and avoid is allowing your hair to get too thick, as you could end up sporting something similar to the cake kid in Matilda.

Ask your barber to point cut your hair to give it some texture, and use thinning scissors to keep the excess thickness at bay.

With that taken care of, it’s time to run through some of the most popular curtain hairstyles for men to rock right now.

Best Curtain Hairstyles For Men

Short Curtain Hairstyle

Johnny Depp with short-length curtains hairstyle.

To achieve a short curtain hairstyle, you’ll want to grow your hair out to around eyebrow length, or in line with your temple at the most. Short curtains also look particularly good when the back and sides are left short, and you can choose to take a little bit of length off at the rear of the head to accentuate the longer fringe.

While it can work with a side part, the short version is one that was made for the middle part. Split the hair down the middle when it’s damp using a comb, apply a texturising product such as a salt spray and blow dry to lock it in place.

Medium Curtain Hairstyle

Keanu Reeves with medium-length curtains hairstyle.

A medium-length curtain hairstyle encroaches into Keanu Reeves territory. The hair should be left to grow out beyond the temple, at least to the top of the cheekbone and ears and once again opt for a middle-parting. While you’ll still want to keep the back and sides under control, you don’t need to go to such short lengths as the undercut or a fade.

Long Curtain Hairstyle

Jared Leto with long hair curtains hairstyle and blonde tips.

Most likely to be seen on rockstars around the world, the long curtain hairstyle won’t be for everyone. It can work with straight or curly hair, and in both cases, you’ll want to make sure you keep it clean so that it doesn’t become greasy and unkempt.

eBoy Curtain Hairstyle

Timothee Chalamet with eBoy-style curtains haircut.

No, that’s not a typo, the eBoy is, in fact, the name of a hairstyle. Sharing much in common with the short curtains look, an eBoy got its name from being worn by hipster types and those who like to spend their time on the internet.

Don’t let that make you think it’s a ‘nerdy’ look. Far from it. With Hollywood actors such as Timothée Chalamet sporting a variation of the eBoy, it’s incredibly on-trend.

Curly Hair Curtains

Timothee Chalamet with curly curtains hairstyle.

Another Chalamet special is the curly hair curtains. Curly hair by its very nature has the potential to become too thick and unruly, which can wreak havoc on achieving the look of a good curtain. Looser curls are best suited to this look, as they are more likely to flow down the sides of your head, as opposed to sticking out to the sides.

Cut out a middle parting when the hair is damp and apply some mousse to give your curls extra bounce, and you’ll be able to revel in an oh-so-stylish look.

Fade Curtains

Young man with curtains hairstyle with faded sides.

As we mentioned earlier, the curtain hairstyle can be paired with a fade haircut to deliver a wholly modern look. While a fade can be paired with hair of any length on top, it looks best when cut short, as it allows the fade to be seen clearly.

For the curtains portion of the cut, you can follow similar rules to the short curtain hairstyle: hair that reaches to the temple; texture and a middle parting.

Asian Hair Curtains

Kim-Jae Wook with curtains hairstyle.

Asian hair is unique in that is nearly always straight and can become incredibly thick incredibly quickly. Because it is so naturally straight, it makes it a cinch to part down the middle, lending it to being a dab-hand performer for the curtains look. One of the most popular interpretations we’ve seen come out of Asia is a long fringe coupled with short sides, usually cut as an undercut.

Men’s Curtain Haircut FAQ