Most Common Men’s Hair Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Personal Style

The unbreakable rules of men's hairstyling.

Most Common Men’s Hair Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Personal Style

Men thrive on efficiencies. But hair, and all its complexities requires a little more time and financial investment than most men care to give it.

An improved hair-life can be as simple as purchasing the right products for your hair type and style, and avoiding the allure of the hottest hair trends, when in fact, a classic style is what suits you best.

Whether you’re going grey or still rubbing 2-in-1 shampoo through your tiring mane, these six common men’s hair mistakes can be remedied quite easily and quickly, before they kill your look altogether.

You’re Growing Your Hair Too Long

While it’s appealing – the thought of luscious, long Italiano locks – most guys don’t have the stamina to grow their hair long. Maintenance – styling and cleaning – is much more gruelling, compared to shorter styles, so that eliminates the no-fuss guy straight up.

Then there’s age, which plays games with your hair. Some 60-70% of men will experience male-patterned baldness in their lifetime. That means, there’s a good chance you’re on your way to bearing a helmet head. there. The key? Don’t style your hair like you still have a full head of hair (comb overs aren’t cool). It’ll make your hair look thinner, and the balding more noticeable.

Instead, embrace the Bruce Willis-look; either cutting your hair into a cool short style or shaving it all off à la buzz cut.

You’re Using Way Too Much Product

Product overuse – such as excess amounts of gel, pommade and wax build-up – not only feels uncomfortable, it’s excessive – like wearing to many branded pieces of clothing at once, and gives the impression that you’re an amateur at this thing called ‘grooming’.

The solution? Less is more. Start with a small amount of product, rubbing the product through your hands and distributing it evenly throughout your hair before moving on to sculpting a style. Avoiding clumped ends, which just make you look greasy and unwashed, apply to the roots of the hair and then moving down the shaft to tip. Remember: you can always add more, so start little.

Don’t Try To Bend It Like Beckham

While we’re big on giving you the hottest celebrity hairstyles of the month or key hair trends for men’s fashion week, don’t adopt a new ‘do simply because David Beckham does, and we tell you it’s cool. Most men have different hair types to celebs and models.

So, rather than arriving at the barbers with your heart set on a style, have a chat to man behind the chair about your hair’s thickness, texture and any quirky traits. That way, you can decide on a cut that suits your hair’s natural state, and your lifestyle.

You’re Cutting & Colouring Your Hair At Home

Going grey or the need for a hair change has many men colouring their hair – and at home. While it’s proven that women prefer men with natural-coloured hair, going grey or style boredom can make men do extreme things: full bleaches resulting in fried, yellow hair; hair that is too dark for the complexion, and block-coloured tones that look anything-but natural, meaning everybody knows your hair is dyed.

Best see a professional, then. They can advise you on coverage, highlights and cooler tones which make you look younger and more natural. Otherwise, like George Clooney – embrace your inner silver fox. Another no-no: don’t cut your hair at home, either. Even hairdressers go see other hairdressers for their next cut or colour.

Try Dual-In-One Products

The use of cheat products is a disaster for hair health. 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners sound too good to be true, because they are. It defies what actually happens to hair when you wash it. Shampooing opens up hair cuticles releasing product and dirt build-up. Conditioning, however, closes the hair cuticles and injects some much needed moisture back into the hair shaft.

A cream that claims to do the two functions at once isn’t doing a proper job. So, ditch the dual shampoo and fork out the extra $5 or $10 it costs to buy shampoo and conditioner, separately. Stuck for time? Use the extra five minutes in the shower productively: clipping toenails while the cuticles are soft, is a good one.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Style is cyclical. The Seventies has certainly shimmied its way back – to the future, these past few seasons. And so has the Nineties, and suddenly we’re teenagers again sporting basketball sneakers, faded jeans and even a baseball cap. But, hair is something that needs to keep up with the times. Your hair sets the whole tone for your look, regardless of your clothes.

Rocking a navy wool suit with brown monk shoes and red windsor knot tie, and a bowl cut, or step, or even a mullet? Your expensive threads won’t save you from being coined a bogan. While these are extreme examples, if you havent changed your hair since 1992, 2002 or even 2012, maybe it’s time for change? You know what they say…

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