Ben Affleck Nails Fashion Golden Rule On Parent-Teacher Day

Benny beguiles in beige.

Ben Affleck Nails Fashion Golden Rule On Parent-Teacher Day

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In a heartwarming display of co-parenting goals, Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were spotted attending a parent-teacher event at a Los Angeles school on Friday morning. Premier parenting wasn’t the only win for Affleck, who also nailed a simple but all too often neglected rule of men’s fashion.

We’ve known for some time that Ben Affleck is a committed sneakerhead as well as a committed parent, but his outfits often exude divorcee-dad a little more than he or his fans may like. This weekend, however, he was spotted at a parent-teacher event in LA wearing a home-run outfit that should remind men worldwide of a simple but overlooked style tenet.

After his recent car door-slamming antics, you might be forgiven for thinking that Affleck’s feeling a little blue, but his chipper arrival at the Los Angeles school of his and Garner’s children saw him sporting a brown fur-lined jacket layered over a beige crewneck, slim-fitting black jeans, aviator shades, and statement sneakers.

While Garner opted for a grey sweater paired with blue jeans, white sneakers, and glitzy accessories, Affleck’s outfit felt significantly more cohesive. For the record, I’m not saying that celebs need to look runway-ready every time they step out of the house – especially when visiting their children’s place of education – Affleck’s simple but devastatingly effective look is worth further consideration.

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To be specific, the statement sneakers in question were Travis Scott’s spin on the Air Jordan 6 in British Khaki. I’m no sneakerhead, so although I can’t appreciate this sought-after bit of footwear from a collector’s perspective, I can definitely admire a more fundamental fashion choice that they represent…

And that choice is all about colours: Affleck’s nailed the golden rule of top-and-tailing here by matching the colour of his jacket and, to a lesser extent, his crew with the colour of his sneakers. If you match the colour of the uppermost or outermost layer with the colour of your footwear, then you can basically get away with wearing anything in between.

Obviously, this isn’t to say that every colour combination in the world, even the ones you’ve previously and rightly thought of as clashing and hideous, will suddenly be redeemed. What it does mean, however, is that whatever the combination, your outfit will look like just that: a considered and deliberate outfit, rather than a random assemblage of items.

Top-and-tailing to a T. Image: Getty

Affleck’s also made the smart decision to pair his black jeans with black shades, with both pair very naturally with his darker features, so the look ties itself together even more comprehensively. Whether or not Affleck deliberately picked out a milky coffee to act as the perfect light brown accessory is as yet unknown…

Affleck most recently starred as a detective in Robert Rodriguez’s action thriller Hypnotic, which hit theatres earlier this month. He will also make a cameo appearance in the upcoming DC Extended Universe film The Flash, making a final reprisal of his role as Batman.