Badass Barbers You Should Be Following On Instagram

Turn your feed into a hairy situation.

Badass Barbers You Should Be Following On Instagram

From undercuts to quiffs to Trumpian combovers, hair fads come and go so quickly it’s hard to keep up. We do our best to keep you appraised of the latest trends in men’s hairstyles and grooming, but for additional inspiration, Instagram is the answer.

The world’s most stylish barbers turn to Instagram to share their next-level looks and favourite products with followers thirsty for follicular eye candy. Do your face (and head) a favour by checking out the feeds of these haircutting heroes before getting your next chop.

We think you’ll agree they’re shear (sorry) perfection.

Morris Motley

Australian barbershop Morris Motley makes Melbourne’s men look fresh from its home in trendy Collingwood. For over 10 years, founder Rob Mason has honed his skills in facial analysis and explored a mix of new and classic barbering techniques to achieve clean, masculine styles – the blueprint for his signature brand of custom men’s cutting and styling.

Blind Barber

| 524 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn.

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This spot puts the “bar” in “barbershop.” Blind Barber occupies prime real estate in Los Angeles and New York City, where it helps men #StayHandsome while treating them to refreshments from its backroom bar and cafe. Since opening their original location in Manhattan’s East Village, founders Jeff Laub, Adam Kirsch, and Josh Boyd have launched two other shops and an exclusive line of grooming products.

Nomad Barber

Miguel Gutierrez, better known as the Nomad Barber, cultivated a massive Instagram following when he began travelling the world to learn new barbering techniques. The Liverpool native has racked up some serious air miles on his global grooming tour, which he documents on a YouTube channel as well as his IG feed. His impeccable cuts also have permanent homes in London and Berlin. Check him out in action here.

Jason Schneidman

Another transformation ,and another happy client, damn I love my job’

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Stylist and celebrity groomer Jason Schneidman credits Southern California, surfing, loud motorcycles, fast cars, and rock music legends like Jim Morrison as the inspiration behind his effortlessly cool vibe. “A man should look and feel carefree and confident,” says Jason, “in the way he dresses and the way he wears his hair. This is what makes a man genuinely sexy.”

Mark Bustos

Though he’s Phillip Lim’s favourite barber, and also counts Marc Jacobs as a client, Mark Bustos stands for something more than superficial glamour. He calls himself a “humanit-HAIR-ian” – when not manning the scissors at Three Squares Studio in NYC, he provides free cuts to the homeless and encourages others to spread positivity with his personal motto (and hashtag) “Be awesome to somebody.”


Old-school barbershop Schorem specialises in traditional haircuts and hot towel straight razor shaves (with a dash of partying, travelling, drinking, and other charming shenanigans on the side). Based in Rotterdam, the retro rock ‘n’ roll vibes of the Schorem crew have earned a cult following so devoted they went on a world tour and have thrown their own concert, called ScumBash, for the last four years.

Andrew Does Hair

Andrew Kozak of Andrew Does Hair boasts an entire Instagram empire. On his primary account, @andrewdoeshair, Kozak features photos of freshly shorn clients. A second account, @ADHbook, features stories from behind the chair. And a third, @ADHbrand, focuses on the ADH product line. Kozak’s grooming philosophy is based in teaching his clients the nuances of their particular hair and arming them with truly tailored advice.

Sugar Skulls

If you’re not turned off by words like “hair nerd,” “hairfuturist,” and “hairbros,” Sugar Skulls – aka Carlos Ramos – is the Insta account for you. Ramos aims to create wearable everyday looks with just the right amount of rocker edge. He recently closed his brick and mortar shop – the Sugar Skulls Loft in Los Angeles – but his Instagram page is still active and churning out regular men’s hairstyle inspiration.

Matty Conrad

Matty Conrad, the self-described “world’s luckiest barber,” spent 15 years as a top stylist, creative platform artist, and successful salon owner before his passion for technical haircutting drove him to enter the world of barbering. He opened his first shop in Canada in 2010 to critical acclaim and an avalanche of international press. Borrowing from both traditional barbering and modern men’s hair styling, Conrad’s unique style keeps him at the top of the men’s grooming industry in North America.

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