The Nomad Barber Who Travels The World Giving Haircuts

The Nomad Barber Who Travels The World Giving Haircuts

For most men, an adventurous haircut is one that takes slightly more off the sides than usual. For Liverpool native Miguel Gutierrez, an adventurous haircut means launching a Kickstarter, hopping on a series of planes, and documenting the ensuing grooming odyssey on Instagram and YouTube.

The journey began on 12 June 2013, a decade to the day after Gutierrez started his career. He flew to Athens to learn more about the the Greek barbers who brought their craft to the rest of Europe. From there he went to Turkey and an idea was born. Gutierrez embarked on a 12-month pilgrimage to learn more about the history of barbering and male grooming worldwide.

As the Nomad Barber, Gutierrez uses the social aspect of the barbershop to talk to people from all walks of life. He sets up his stool at any given opportunity, offering haircuts to fellow travellers in parks, on beaches, in deserts, on cliffs, and any number of other remote and picturesque locations. So far he has visited 30 countries, amassing millions of views for his web-series and thousands of followers on social media.

Having experienced countless shaves and haircuts on several continents, Gutierrez says India has the most interesting barber culture. As to the best groomed clients, he says men in the Middle East – particularly Dubai – take the coiffure crown.

Follow the Nomad Barber’s stylish exploits on YouTube and Instagram. Adventure awaits.

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