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20 Best Men’s Blazers For Smart Casual Attire [2023]

Become the bonafide sharp suiter.

Best Blazers

Every man needs at least one blazer (or sports jacket if you’re in the US) in their wardrobe, ideally in navy. From there, guys can begin to expand their sartorial horizons with the introduction of new colours and fabrics.

The great thing about men’s blazers – and subsequently the reason you should own one – is that they are a perfect piece for effortlessly turning casual outfits into smart casual outfits. Looking just as good with a pair of jeans or chinos as they do with matching suit pants, the blazer is truly a versatile menswear essential.

There is much to consider when buying a blazer, however, such as colour, fit and fabric, and you also need to determine whether a structured or unstructured blazer will work best for the occasion(s) you’re going to wear it to.

Not sure what we mean by that? Read on for a brief rundown of all there is to know before buying a blazer, and then take a look at our selection of the best blazers for men.

Different blazer fits and fabrics

Structured Blazers & Sports Jackets

The structured blazer is all about the fit: cut super close to the body while maximising shape, helped out with some padding, linings and the inner jacket mechanics. Richer looking, the structured blazer requires quality fabric and engineering best seen to by a tailor or a reputable suit store.

It will normally carry more defined shoulders than an unstructured blazer, feel luxurious to touch, and hug the body to enhance the slim fit. At first glance too, the jacket will appear simpler, elegant, with minimal details and doesn’t discriminate against the lapel: peak, shawl and/or notch. Needless to say, it’s a seamless pairing with ties.

Unstructured Blazers & Sports Jackets

The unstructured blazer is for those gents who are maybe more blue-collar or artsy in their profession and don’t need traditional workplace attire. Or, perhaps you just prefer a relaxed approach to incredible style. Unstructured blazers are designed to mould to the body, are relaxed and boast a less rigid shape.

More commonly known as a ‘sports coat’, they still cut sharp on the shoulder and can hug close to the body of the wearer. But, unstructured blazers give a softer, relaxed fit – falling from the shoulder peak fluidly. Stripped bare, the unstructured jacket is just that – unstructured, so the typical inner folds and shapes given to retaining a jacket’s shape, are gone.

Casual details may be added though: front pockets, exposed seams, lack of lining, multiple buttons and sometimes buttons in contrast colour to the jacket fabric itself. Plus, they are more likely to be made from one piece of cloth, so they are thinner, making them great for winter layering or going solo as a light add-on for summer.

Blazer Fabrics

Most commonly, blazers are crafted with wool but you can get blazer in a variety of fabrics to suit your needs. You can easily get a cotton or linen blazer if you’re needing a blazer for summer or warmer temperatures, but if you’re after an all-rounder that’ll be durable and comfortable enough to wear all year long, you really can’t go past a wool blazer.

Men’s Blazer FAQs

If you’re ready to add a blazer to your wardrobe, take a look at these brands we’ve selected for making the absolute best blazers for men.