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20 Best Men’s Boardshorts Brands For Major Beach Vibes [2023]

These are the best boardshorts available.

Though your surfing may stink, there’s no excuse for looking shabby between the car park and the water. And while the right pair of boardshorts won’t improve your wobbly cutback, the wrong pair will bring unnecessary attention to it.

So, frame them if you must, but it’s time to remove your 1999 below-knee board shorts from wardrobe circulation (same goes for the so-called ‘high performance’ fluro monstrosities you were rocking in 2015). Sorry; the market’s moved on, man.

Fortunately, thanks to a welcome changing of the surf brand guard, you can now get all the performance, stretch, comfort, and durability you could ask for, hidden away in a stylish package, if you know where to look. And as summer rolls around, there has never been a better time.

Features of the best men’s boardshorts

We could go into Swiss Army Knife comparisons and boring technical details, but let’s be honest. It’s pretty simple what makes the best boardshorts.

You want a comfortable, flexible, durable and quick-drying companion that makes you feel cool both in and out of the water.

Fortunately for you, in this selection of boardshorts we’ve taken care of all that, so all you have to do is pick a pair you think looks cool (you could practically shut your eyes and point to any).

On-trend boardshort styles

From anti-establishment designs to world-title winning trunks, there are a lot of boardshorts designs tickling surfing trendsetters’ thighs at the moment.

Eco Friendly

Rocked by Kelly Slater and classy gents who want it all – comfort, style, environmental karma and high-performance capabilities – brands like Outerknown and Patagonia are the eco warrior’s board short of choice.

Subtle High Performance

While the likes of Hurley have previously been owned by sportswear giant Nike and took incredible advantage of the company’s fabric technologies in the process, most pairs of boardshorts these days will offer levels of performance unrivalled by other sports shorts.

Flashy High Performance

Popular with Italo Ferreira and Mason Ho, colourful high-performance board shorts from the likes of Rip Curl, Billabong and O’Neill are for the man who believes himself capable of surfing low tide rock piles, and who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Muted Colours

From Need Essentials’ dark navy offerings to Banks Journal’s jaundice-coloured swag, muted colours are to 2022 what three-quarter-leg length monstrosities were to the early 2000’s. Popular with chain-smoking undergrads and intrepid adventurers alike.

Dual Tone

Hurley, Rip Curl, Quicksilver, even Outerknown are now doing dual-toned boardshorts. If you know how to throw an air reverse (or want people to think you do) you have to have at least 3 pairs of these in your wardrobe.


If you’re a city slicker too cool to associate with surf brands (but who still wants to be able to perform when it’s pumping) check out Vissla’s understated offerings.

Laid Back

If you like Alex Knost, Costa Rica and slow-moving point breaks have a squiz at RVCA’s top models.

Anti Chafe

If you are a man of creature comfort (and 8-hour shred sessions), you would do well to make sure your boardshort of choice has anti-chafe technology.

Ready to buy yourself a new pair of boardies? These are the best board shorts available.