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Best Coffee Cups To Take Your Caffeine Hit To The Next Level

Bean snob in style.

Cool Coffee Cups

Beans, beans the magical fruit the more drink the more you need a damn good coffee cup. That’s right, today we’re hitting up coffee cups and we’re not talking about your bloody KeepCup.

These cool coffee cups are as good looking as they are functional and they’ll suit any stylish purveyor of quality coffee. But why should anyone invest in a coffee cup when a free paper one is the way to go? Well for starters it looks better on your work desk and also because many of these cups are built to insulate hot liquid without scolding your hands. That means your coffee will stay tastier for longer as you kick back to work or a cool coffee table book.

Coffee Cup FAQs

Does coffee taste better in a china cup?

Traditional coffee cups are made of ceramic for a reason. Ceramic does not retain flavours and smells, so you get the best coffee drinking experience. Your coffee will also stay warmer much longer with a ceramic cup.

What material keeps coffee hot the longest?

Stainless steel vacuum insulated cups can keep your coffee hot for as much as six to 12 hours. Its double-walled design retains the most heat compared to ceramic, glass, and plastic.

Do cup colours affect coffee taste?

A study has found that the colour of your cup may affect the taste of coffee. Coffee drunk from a white cup reportedly tastes more intense, more bitter, and less sweet, than other colour cups.

From Bodum to Issey Miyake to Tom Dixon to Bitossi, these are the best designer coffee cups your daily caffeine hit will ever need to know.