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35 Best Coffee Table Books For The Man Of Style

A fine addition to any humble abode.

There’s just something about a coffee table book. Whether you use it to decorate, to act as a doorstopper, or as actual reading material, a coffee table book adds a certain personality to your home – much like a friendly stalker.

If you’re the type to impress, it can even be something that says you’re a suave, sophisticated man who can do elegance in the home just as well as he can when he’s dressing himself. Here are 35 of our favourite coffee table books today that’s guaranteed to bring pleasure to you and any ‘special guests’ who drop by for a cup of coffee.

Art & Photography

Coffee Table Book Arts

There’s nothing wrong with a little nudity in one’s abode. Maybe even some tasteful artistic photography to spice things up. This selection of timeless coffee table books feature the likes of Helmut Newton and the mighty Pirelli calendar.

Helmut Newton
Helmut Newton SUMO. Revised by June Newton $150
Naomi Campbell Book
Naomi Campbell Edition of 1,000 $2,500
Pirelli the Calendar
Pirelli The Calendar. 50 Years And More $70
1000 Nudes
1000 Nudes A History of Erotic Photography from 1839-1939 $20


Coffee Table Book Fashion

You don’t have to be a farshun expert to appreciate fashion. These books cover menswear, designers and even style icons like NBA superstar Russell Westbrook. They’ll make the perfect accompaniment for your cool coffee table.

Sneaker Freaker the Ultimate Sneaker Book
Sneaker Freaker The Ultimate Sneaker Book $50
Tom Ford Book
Tom Ford Was:$135 Now $88.52
Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion
Dressing the Man Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion Was:$49.99 Now $28.99
The Sartorialist Volume 1
The Sartorialist Volume 1 $29.94
Russell Westbrook Deluxe Edition
Russell Westbrook Deluxe Edition: Style Drivers Was:$350 Now $198.19


Coffee Table Book Film

Are you secretly a 00 agent but you’re too busy on the daily grind? Then these movie and film inspired coffee table books will help you live out your dream at home. With classics like Rocky and Star Wars, you’ll definitely get guests stopping to flick through a few pages.

Rocky the Complete Films Book
Rocky The Complete Films $1,000
The James Bond Archives
The James Bond Archives SPECTRE Edition Was:$70 Now $40.88
Steve Schapiro Taxi Driver Trade
Steve Schapiro Taxi Driver $70
The Star Wars Archives
The Star Wars Archives Was:$350 Now $199.95


Coffee Table Book Food

Meat and men make the world go round. Pasta and pinot does too. Inspire your next home cooked meal with this selection of man-food approved books that will make your coffee table or kitchen look super professional.

Meat the Ultimate Companion
Meat The Ultimate Companion Was:79.99 Now $57.25
The Whole Beast Nose to Tail Eating
The Whole Beast Nose to Tail Eating $18.24
Michael Symons Carnivore
Michael Symon’s Carnivore 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers $28.99
Bocca Cookbook
Bocca Cookbook $596.95
Chin Chin Feed Me Cookbook
Chin Chin Feed Me Cookbook $50
The Geometry of Pasta
The Geometry of Pasta $29.99

Architecture & Design

Coffee Table Book Architecture

Pretend you’re a superstar interior designer or architect with this selection of interesting books on home design and cool spaces. Our personal favourite is the book on Soviet architecture. What a great way to bring Putin into a dinner conversation.

Cabins Hardcover
Cabins Was:$70 Now $60.59
Frederic Chaubin Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed XL
Frederic Chaubin Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed XL Was:$60 Now $52.82
Marc Newson: Works English, French and German Edition
Marc Newson Works $860.67
Rooftops Islands in the Sky
Rooftops Islands in the Sky Was:$70 Now $32.99
1000 Chairs Revised and Updated Edition
1000 Chairs Revised and Updated Edition Was:$20 Now $17.66


Coffee Table Book Watches

A topic which needs no introduction but is every man’s secret passion. Whether you give it as a gift or keep them for yourself, every man loves a nice watch. Regardless if you’re a Rolex guy or an Omega dude, there’s going to something to be learnt in these timeless watch books.

The Best of Time Rolex Wristwatches
The Best of Time Rolex Wristwatches An Unauthorized History (Schiffer Book for Collectors) $123.52
The Watch Book
The Watch Book Was:$85 Now $60.75
The Wristwatch Handbook
The Wristwatch Handbook A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches Was:$85 Now $57.80
The Watch: A Twentieth Century Style History
The Watch A Twentieth Century Style History $60
From Seamaster to Seamaster: The First 70 Years
From Seamaster to Seamaster The First 70 Years Was:$150 Now $105.22


Coffee Table Book Cars

Lastly get on the vintage car bandwagon with one of these classic motoring books. If you’re a Porsche guy we have the history of the 911 and if you’re a BMW bloke the BMW Book will surely be a must on your X-mas shopping list.

Porsche 911 Book: 50th Anniversary Edition
Porsche 911 Book 50th Anniversary Edition $2,075.12
Mercedes Benz 300 SL Book
The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Book Collector’s Edition $3,000
The Ferrari Book: Passion for Design
The Ferrari Book Passion for Design Was:$150 Now $99.06
The BMW Book
The BMW Book $725.79
Luxury Toys Classic Cars
Luxury Toys Classic Cars $467.58
Big Book of Land Rover
Big Book of Land Rover $1,392.80

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