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10 Best Cruiser Bikes

The best cruiser bikes you need to know...

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The best cruiser bikes are chosen by riders who might feel overwhelmed by the different types of bikes out there and want to do one thing, cruise. Best suited for leisure riding, cruiser bicycles are generally single-speed and optimise comfort over performance. Most of all, a cruiser bike can be taken anywhere from the streets around town to those lazy afternoon rides along the beach.

Considered the first bicycle, cruiser bikes have been around since the early 20th century and served as the inspiration for the different types of bikes to follow. The cruiser bikes of today have stayed true to these roots, mostly being used for short-distance transport and enjoyed by those who casually cycle.

Characteristics of cruiser bikes

Like most bikes, a cruiser bike has many distinctive features that are suited to the kind of ride that a cruiser bicycle gives you. These include wider tires, known as balloon tires, that add to the overall stability. The handlebars are taller and wider, bending towards the rider to complement the up-right but comfortable steering posture. Lastly, the steel frame is among the lightest of all types and easily distinguished by its curvy shape that completes the laid-back look.

Coaster vs Hand Brakes

A common difference that you will come across as you search for a cruiser bike is the brakes. Many bikes today will feature coaster brakes as opposed to the conventional hand brakes. While one is not particularly better than the other, coaster brakes can make for a different kind of ride that you may not be used to.

Simply, coaster brakes are activated by pedalling backward. This immediately locks the back wheel up, bringing the cruiser bike to a much faster halt. Some cruiser bikes even include front and rear coaster brakes that provide even more stopping power, especially if cruising around a busy boardwalk.

It’s something to look out for as most of us might be used to using hand brakes while riding. While most cruiser bikes do include hand brakes, some often include coaster brakes and are only seen in these types of bikes.

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