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10 Best Bike Helmets To Keep You Safe On The Road

Stay sharp, stay alive, with the aid of a bike helmet.

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Looking for the best bike helmets to protect your head when out cycling on the road? You’ve come to the right place.

While you may want to look cool and fashionable when out on your bike (especially in your designer cycling kit), the fact of the matter is, you need to be wearing a bike helmet to protect the most important part of your body: your head.

In years gone by, head protection was a second thought for cyclists. But now amateurs and professionals alike are fully aware of the potential risks involved when on the road.

There have been some major shifts recently in terms of technologies used in the best bike helmets, the most significant of which is every cyclist’s favourite new buzzword, MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection Systems).

What is MIPS?

MIPS basically offers resistance against a larger range of potential head injuries. And when we consider that most accidents involving cyclists are out of their control, it’s easy to see why the technology has been welcomed with open arms and adopted by all major helmet manufacturers.

You should also be considering the airflow of a helmet carefully. Airflow can speed you up or slow you down in some cases – it’s also a great way of trying to keep cool over long distances when the sun is beating down.

There are plenty of other additional variables you should also consider when buying a bike helmet, such as weight, strength, construction, and how they work in conjunction with your cycling glasses. You may also want to look at what type of cycling you’ll be practising most, for example, endurance, commuting, or time trialling, and choose your helmet accordingly.

Bike helmets have never been more stylish, effective, or fashionable, so we’ve put together a list of the best brands around so you can clock up those kilometres looking like a real pro.

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