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16 Best Cycling Shoes For Men

The best cycling shoes to beat the competition

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Whether you’re an amateur cyclist, or you’re ready to take on The Tour de France, you need to own a pair of the best cycling shoes. They’ll drastically improve your cycling performance, and will protect your feet and muscles while riding, much more than a regular shoe.

What’s more, with a pair of the best cycling shoes on your feet, your ride will improve, which can go a long way to helping improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, and joint mobility, as well as reducing anxiety, depression, and stress levels.

So if want to take your cycling to the next level, it’s imperative you invest in a quality pair of cycling shoes.

Benefits Of Cycling Shoes

Most cycling shoes have very stiff soles to maximise your energy while riding, and ensures all the power from your legs transfers directly to the pedals, rather than your feet. The best cycling shoes are also lightweight and extremely comfortable.

Cycling shoes are also exceptionally durable. A high-quality pair of cycling shoes will last you for a long time, so while they tend to have a slightly higher price point than regular gym shoes, you won’t be needing to replace them year after year.

Clipping In Cycling Shoes

The best cycling shoes have a fastening system that allows the shoes to be clipped or locked into the pedals, similar to how snowboard shoes or ski boots lock onto the board or skis. While clipping in can take some getting used to; you’ll likely fall once or twice while you’re learning how to unclip for a quick stop, such as a red light, you’ll soon be able to unclip with ease.

And that minor learning curve is worth it for the benefits; clipping your cycling shoes to the pedals will improve your pedaling efficiency, and ultimately your entire cycling performance.

While you can get versatile cycling shoes, you can also get cycling shoes that specifically cater to different riding styles. The main two styles are road biking and mountain biking; road biking shoes tend to be very stiff with a carbon sole, and lightweight to assist with speed. Mountain bike shoes are also stiff but are more flexible than road biking styles to allow for walking and dismounting more frequently.

Depending on how you enjoy riding your bike, get the style of shoe best for you. However, if you regularly dabble in all types of riding, go for a versatile shoe.

Another thing to consider is the closing mechanism. Cycling shoes come in a wide variety of closure systems, and the best one will, again, depend on your needs. For example, if you compete in triathlons or ride to work, you’ll need to be able to get in and out of your cycling shoes quickly, so you’ll need to opt for a velcro strap rather than laces.

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