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30 Best Cycling Brands 2023: Kits, Jerseys, Bib Shorts & More

The best cycling clothing and gear for owning every lane on the road.

Cycling clothing may not win any points for its sex appeal, but it offers multiple benefits for whenever you strap your shoes into your pedals and set off on the open road. The most obvious benefit of cycling clothing is the fact it’s skin tight, so can help you cut through the air like a knife through butter. But cycling clothing also allows for freer movement, which is essential when you consider your legs are constantly moving.

You also need to consider that cycling shorts or bib shorts, will also need to provide adequate padding so that you’re arse isn’t left feeling sore the day after a long ride.

It should go without saying that, as previously mentioned, a good chunk of cycling brands can be considered ‘unflattering’, as it can not only badly designed, being covered in excessive logos that make you appear to be a sponsored rider, but it fails to take into account genuine functionality.

It can be fairly easy to buy a new bike or equipment from online bike shops, but the same can’t necessarily be said for cycling apparel. We’ve therefore taken on the task of tracking down the very best brands for cycling jerseys, shirts, shorts and all other kinds of apparel and paraphernalia, many of which prove that simplicity can rule the cycling roost.

Here are the best cycling clothing men need to know for their next epic ride.