The Best Cycling Kits & Bike Clothing Brands For Men

The fastest and the best-kitted man on the road.

The majority of sports have their own dedicated apparel to make performing said sport that little bit easier and to help you improve over time. Soccer jerseys need to be lightweight and breathable, while golf clothing comprises polo shirts and stretch-fabric chinos, for example. Cycling, meanwhile, is in a field all of its own, as skintight clothing is the aim of the game in the pursuit of cutting through the air and bringing down your PB times.

It should go without saying, however, that a good chunk of cycling clothing can be considered ‘unflattering’, as it is not only badly designed, being covered in excessive logos that make you appear to be a sponsored rider, but it fails to take into account genuine functionality.

It can be fairly easy to buy a new bike or equipment from online bike shops, but the same can’t necessarily be said for cycling apparel. We’ve therefore taken on the task of tracking down the very best brands for cycling jerseys, shirts, shorts and all other kinds of apparel and paraphernalia, many of which prove that simplicity can rule the cycling roost. Here are the best cycling brands men need to know for their next epic ride.

Men’s Cycling Apparel FAQ

What is a cycling kit?

A kit is a collection of specialized apparels for cycling. It usually consists of a jersey, lycra shorts and tights, gloves, arm and leg warmers, socks, baggies and a waterproof/windproof jacket.

Why do cyclists wear tight clothes?

Cyclists wear tight clothing to minimize the drag created by air friction. The more fitting your clothes are, the more aerodynamic you will be so you can cycle faster.

Should you wear underwear under cycling shorts?

No. You do not wear underwear under your cycling or padded bike shorts. Your shorts are designed to sit next to the skin for moisture management and friction control.

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