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10 Best Electric Bikes To Scoot Around Town

Cycling is so 2000s, upgrade your ride with an electric bike instead.

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Electric bikes, e-bikes; no matter what you want to call them, they are nothing if not revolutionary. The first time someone decided to put an electric motor on a bike was in 1895, which was mounted on the rear hub and had a 10 volt battery. Though it wasn’t until the 21st century that the words electric and bike even came together, and the technology of today has seen electric bikes become pedal assist versions of every kind of bike, so think of them as a kind of electric hybrid.

Considered the future of cycling, electric bike sales jumped up 145 per cent in 2019 alone and if you are looking for the kind of ride that allows you to go faster and further without much effort, then they are the bike for you. Doesn’t matter if you are mountain biking or riding the roads, there are electric bikes to power every type of rider.

Why You Need An Electric Bike

To put it simply, the best electric bikes enhance the riding experience. They might look like a regular bike and ride like a regular bike, but when you push the pedals on electric bikes an electric motor engages and gives you a boost, assisting you up hills and over rough terrain without gassing yourself. Like the gears on a regular bike, you can adjust the level of pedal assist.

If you are someone who is looking for an alternative to driving your car to work and getting stuck in traffic jams, for example, electric bikes are a great commuter option, as the motor assisted ride won’t leave you sweaty even over long distances. If you enjoy more of an off road ride, electric bikes can help you power through the trails like it’s nothing.

Features Of The Best Electric Bikes

The most important feature of the best electric bikes is the motor and they can be found in different parts of the bike. A hub motor is located at the rear of the bike, usually inside the hub of the rear wheel. While the mid drive motor is found in the bottom bracket where the pedal arms attach to the frame. The hub drive motor sends power straight to the rear wheel, giving you the feeling of being pushed along. Mid drive motors are the most common and give the pedal assist a more natural feel.

To power the motor, the best electric bike has a battery that will ensure a longer ride range. The battery can often be located on the down tube of a bike frame and this is commonly a removable battery as well. On a higher end, more expensive model, the battery can also be integrated into the frame, making the bike less bulky. The battery also needs to be charged and the larger the watt capacity, the longer the battery takes to charge.

The power of the battery also determines the ride range based on their watt hours (Wh) which is a common term you will come across. This means the number of hours a battery can sustain 1 watt of power before reaching zero power. This also directly applies to the power of the motor, as a 750 watt motor paired with a common 300 Wh battery will give you a ride range of over 50 kilometres.

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