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The Best Push Carts To Keep The Weight Off Your Back

The push cart has had a very interesting and innovative history, with the first one being designed back in 1947 and made from lawn mower wheels mounted on a spring-suspension chassis which miraculously could sustain the weight of a golf bag. Over the years, the look and style of push carts hasn’t changed much since these early days, but there is nothing wrong with simplicity, as long as it gets the job done, and they do it well.

While push carts by design have always been very easy to use and have never required much effort, someone along the way decided to make it even easier to use and added a motor, and now, there are some carts that require little to no force whatsoever, since they’re electric. Other innovations have come in the way of pouches for your phone, your keys and all the other contents of your pockets, of which we seem to have a lot nowadays, but thankfully the push cart has evolved to keep up with the times.

Overall, try to think of them as less than an accessory that carries the bag that carries your clubs, and more of a companion, because without the push cart, we might still be in the dark ages of lugging our bags over our shoulders. That is the quickest route to exhaustion and you need all the energy you can get to keep those swings flying high and those scores nice and low. They are your best friend on the course, your personal caddy, and picking the right one is a lot more complicated than pushing it around the shop floor to get the feel for it. Does it fit your golf bag? Can you fit it in the boot? So many questions, and luckily, we have the answers.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the best golf push carts available to buy right now, all of which offer some or all of the features mentioned above. What you can be guaranteed of from any option, however, is a much easier trek around the green.

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