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10 Best Hats For Men 2022

Love the shade in these hats for men that will have you looking your best.

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Once upon a time, hats were one of the most important accessories for men, and no, we’re not talking about that sweat-stained baseball cap your dad wears to mow the lawn. We’re talking about proper, old-school, brimmed hats that exude style, character, and history.

Whilst serving a functional purpose for protection against the elements, hats are a great opportunity to share your origins, style, and even holiday plans. How so? Donning an Akubra Cattleman with jeans shows people you’re either a country boy or a concrete cowboy, whilst a Panama with chinos shows people you’re either a classy lad looking for some shade or going on holiday to Fiji next week.

Whatever you’re trying to say or look like, there is a hat for you, and getting it right will help you stand out for all the right reasons.

Men’s Hat FAQs

What are the best brimmed hats made with?

Cotton and woolen felt are popular choices for brimmed hats since they are breathable and durable. They are also soft and come in a wide variety of colours. Straw and fur-felt are also good options.

What is a flat cap?

Also called an ivy cap, a flat cap is distinguishable with its slightly rounded top extending to the front of the hat and sewn to the bill. It can be made from wool, cotton, or polyester.

What's the difference between a Fedora and a Trilby hat?

The Fedora and the Trilby are very similar, however, the Trilby hat will have a narrower brim and a taller crown. Fedoras, meanwhile, have a wider brim and a shorter crown, making them ideal for more formal occasions. Trilby hats are better suited for casual occasions.

With over 40 different hat styles alone, it can be difficult to find the right one so to make your decision easier, here is our selection of the best hats for men.