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10 Best Lip Balms For Men

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When it comes to men’s grooming, it’s a little more than slicking your hair back and spraying on your favourite Tom Ford cologne, as even our lips require a little TLC. Especially when faced with extreme weather, making sure your lips are hydrated is a gamechanger when it comes to self-care.

But not all lip balms are the same, as many products do more harm than good. To ensure you get your hands on a quality lip treatment, always look out for natural oils such as peppermint, coconut, and jojoba oil; the more organic, the better. Also, all-natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and manuka honey are great for promising soft lips.

Men’s Lip Balm FAQs

Is it okay to apply lip balm every day?

Make sure you use lip balm in moderation, as many dermatologists say overusing lip treatment products can lead to your lips stopping production of their natural oils - making you dependant on lip balm. Though it's safe to use lip balm every day, ensure you're not constantly reapplying it.

Can I wear lip balm at night?

Applying lip balm at night is a great way to prevent them from getting cracked. As many of us sleep with our mouths open, it dries out our lips, so apply some product before bed. Opt for a lip balm made from natural oils too. Another great reason to apply lip balm at night is that our temperature rises as we sleep, which helps flush out the toxins while producing new skin cells. Moisturising your lips before bed will help these new skin cells become smooth and soft.

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