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12 Best Compression Pants For Men

Compress yourself.

12 Best Compression Pants For Men

Men’s compression tights, or compression pants, have long been a bit of a taboo subject. For a long time, the average gym-goer has likely steered clear of compression tights because they’re worried they’ll reveal (or in some cases, not reveal) their package.

Moreover, many men may feel wearing compression tights in the gym isn’t necessary, and they’re only useful for those who run and sprint outside. 

But compression tights and compression gear actually has multiple uses, and you may find it could make all the difference between you reaching and smashing your personal bests. 

Benefits Of Compression Pants

Compression pants are invaluable for men who are prone to chafing because they can effectively wick away moisture and stop skin abrasions in their tracks.

However, the greatest benefit, and the reason you should buy compression tights in the first place, is that they are designed to stimulate blood flow, ensuring that strained muscles receive enough oxygen during periods of elevated activity.

Men’s compression tights prevent fluid accumulation in muscle tissue, which is a boon considering how muscle fibres tend to swell and expand under pressure. The restrictive nature of the pants also serves as a valuable recovery tool. The additional pressure provided can reduce swelling – provided you continue to wear them after you’ve hung up the dumbbells, and taken your fifth and final selfie for the workout.

This round-up concerns only compression tights and compression pants. You can also find compression shorts, which are likely to be a more popular category for men because they can be well hidden underneath regular workout shorts. Compression tights extend all the way down to your ankle, which can help to recruit and engage muscle in your entire leg.

We’ve rounded up the very best brands producing compression tights for men right now. They will likely use various materials and fabrics, which have specific uses, so be sure you understand which pair or pairs will be best suited for you.