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20 Best Dress Coats For Men 2022

Looking for a men's winter dress coat? You're in the right place...

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While some may dread the cold, winter offers an opportunity for us to showcase our style in a different way than in the warmer months. It’s a chance for us to get truly creative with our wardrobe and invest in quality outerwear geared to be fashionable and protective as the temperature lowers.

Unlike your regular denim or puffer jacket, a men’s winter dress coat is a perfect way to complete a formal or business outfit, as it offers a super polished, decadent look. However, you can even pair this versatile jacket with casual wear too – as it’s a straightforward way to elevate your attire within seconds. Even if you’re wearing your hagged old jeans and some aged footwear, throw on a men’s winter dress coat, and you’ll instantly breathe new life into your look.

Men’s winter dress coat FAQs

How do I style a dress coat?

A dress coat is great when paired with formal wear or business attire, as it offers a super polished, sophisticated look. When styling a winter dress coat, definitely think about layering, so pair it with a shirt, sweater, tailored pants and even a scarf for optimal insulation.

How should a dress coat fit?

You don't want a dress coat to look too big on you, but it should be a slightly roomy fit so you can add thick layers, such as a sweater, underneath. Make sure the dress coat fits squarely on your shoulders and falls either just above or over your knees, providing sufficient coverage.

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