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9 Best Yoga Pants For Men

Yoga really can be for men, and these are the best yoga pants you need to be buying.

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If you’ve managed to break through the stigma associated with yoga and accept it really isn’t just for women, then you’re going want some of the best yoga pants to wear to your sessions.

There’s no denying yoga is ever so slowly taking over the world. The discipline once heavily associated with women is now being accepted by guys everywhere, due to the numerous benefits it can provide. These include improved muscle strength, body conditioning, flexibility, and improved mental well-being.

Despite its associations with fitness, however, the clothes you wear to practice yoga need to be drastically different from those you would normally wear to the gym, or outside for a run (and you certainly wouldn’t wear your cycling lycra).

When it comes to yoga pants, you want to look for fabrics that are stretchy so that they can move as you do as you work your way up to being able to perform the splits. Coverage is also key because even though pants lend themselves to having longer legs, to avoid the risk of ‘hanging low’, you don’t want your pair of men’s yoga pants to be so skin-tight that you and the twins have no room to breathe.

And of course, style also plays an important role. Yes, you’re going to want a pair of yoga pants for men that ultimately perform well, but you’ve got to look cool in front of the ladies, right?

Yoga Pants For Men FAQs

What is the difference between yoga pants for men and leggings?

'Yoga pants' is an umbrella term for bottoms made of thick and stretchy material. Leggings or tights are the most popular type of yoga pants. Other styles of yoga pants are flared, bootcut, and straight.

What materials are best for yoga pants?

Yoga pants are made of technical, elastic fabrics like lycra, nylon, and recycled polyester. For cotton leggings, manufacturers include spandex for stretch. Bamboo blends also make for soft and comfortable yoga pants.

What should you wear under yoga pants?

This should depend wholly on your preference. You can wear briefs, a thong, or other styles of underwear as long as they are lightweight. Some even go commando under their yoga pants.

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