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19 Men’s Puffer Vest Brands To Beat Winter Blues [2023]

These men's puffer vests will keep you warm without over heating you.

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With the seasonal chill fast approaching, it’s likely that most guys are desperately rummaging through the back of their wardrobe in the hopes that their winter kit hasn’t been devoured by moths or accidentally dumped in a charity bin.

If the worst has happened, then it might be time to hit the shops. Men’s puffer vests sit in the middle territory between autumn and winter, where it’s not cold enough to re-introduce your sentimental anorak, but a lightweight cardi just doesn’t bring the heat.

These winter wonders have quite a history. Washingtonian outdoorsman and all-around tough guy Eddie Bauer revolutionised the puffer vest in the closing days of the 1930s. He had spent enough time in the unforgiving cold of Washington State to know that you needed as much thermal firepower as you could get if you wanted to survive a frosty night out.

After a risky weekend in the snow that nearly ended his adventurous life, Bauer put his inventor hat on and got cracking. He stuffed a quilted jacket full of down feathers (ensuring they were proportionately deployed inside the jacket for optimal insulation). The puffer jacket, and by extension men’s puffer vest, was born.

Men’s puffer vests and their jacket siblings became popular among outdoorsmen, athletes, and soldiers who had to hike, climb, and machine-gun their way through relentless arctic conditions and come out the other side hypothermia free.

While it’s likely you’re not heading to the DMZ in Korea or the coldest fringes of Oregon this weekend, a puffer vest is a sensible addition to your wardrobe for those encroaching nippy mornings. These vests both fit right into a smart casual corporate look and won’t land you at the bottom of the style bin over the weekend.

How To Wear A Puffer Vest (A.K.A Gilet Vest)

Like most active, outdoor, or sports pieces, the men’s puffer vest which is formally known as the gilet vest, has very much evolved over the last 15 years. While it’s still designed to keep you warm, the gilet is no longer just oversized and puffy — it’s slimmed down quite a bit. Add to that an increase in more fashionable gilet colours and patterns — and a shift from glossy quilting to matte shells — and the gilet is a go-to fashion piece for men this season.

If you need some extra pointers, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on how to wear a gilet vest with absolute style and class for any occasion.

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